GE2017: Strategy & Policy


OK, we need to form some strategy that differentiates us.

There’s one obvious one, which is that we should continue to oppose Brexit and push for reform within the EU. It’s in line with what we’ve said so far, and matches the current form of the manifesto, which never really got updated to “accept” Brexit.

Importantly, no major parties are saying this. The Lib Dems and the Greens are both in the “accept the result and minimise the impact” camp. I think we can go hard on this and reject Brexit entirely. We will need to work on the narrative around why we’re rejecting the referendum result, but that’s OK, we can do that.



Another point: The Progressive Alliance; if it happens, we should join in and not stand against alliance parties in marginal seats. That would however mean that we are guaranteed to lose, as we’d only stand in safe seats we can’t win. Which is true of all our seats anyway at this point in the process, but this is more of a definite choice.

Again, thoughts welcome.


Yep, agreed. Some thoughts about reasoning;

  • Non-binding referendum, not mandate
  • Only 37% of electorate voted Leave
  • Voters were lied to
  • No-one voted to leave​the single market
  • There is no Brexit plan


So are you saying anyone who supports Brexit doesn’t belong here?
As for only 37% of the electorate voting leave,52% of those who voted in the referendum voted for Brexit.

No Brexit Plan ?
Brexit has not happened yet, but it will!
As for a Brexit Plan, don’t you mean post-Brexit plan - the plan I will be unfolding over the next few months on this forum or elsewhere if necessary but you can rest assured it is coming?
Talking of Plans -where is your let’s stay in the EU plan?
The single market as has been explained more than once - is NOT the EU.If you want a strategy that differentiates you Then you should be promoting a United Europe not the EU, the former is what the EU was supposed to be.
The Lib-dems and others are promoting continued EU expansion…

I can’t believe SomethingElse has gotten this far with no strategy, no overall goal and no USP.
Whether you agree with the rest of my words , trust me on one thing, the EU right or wrong in not a unique selling point.
I was hoping i could contribute something constructive to SomethingElse, as despite our differences regarding the EU, I had hoped to have been able to find some common ground with people of common goals, Was I wrong? Are you really serious about wanting to create real and meaningful change , because I still can’t see any focus here.

How can you have a strategy without focus?
How can you achieve goals without a target market?
You are presuming that people will support your desire to stay in the EU, but that is an interpretation of events, not a product of research.If you are wrong then you get nothing.
On the other hand if you promote Devolution within Europe you will at least get the people who originally voted against greater European Union ,only to be callously ignored, on your side.

A United Europe would be composed of Devolved National Governments and ran along the lines of a quorum not ruled by an unwanted and Ineffective European Partliament that is continually overruled by the non-elected European Commision, makes more sense to me and is more understood by the people than a European Parliament playing second fiddle to a comission of beurocrats.

I’m not sure I understand what is going on here - do you actually want other peoples input or not?
It certainly seems that you don’t.
Promoting Devolution within Europe is what the people’s of Europe want., or don’t you understand why the French rejected the EU twice in two referendums as did some other Nations before Brussels decided not to have anymore, and then ignored all the referendum results they didn’t like and then pushed forced integration of the EU anyway?

You did say you wanted a system that serves the people not Politicians yet you are ignoring the referendum results of the Nations that rejected closer union and therefore the people too. As for no-one voting to leave the " single market ", that option was not on the ballot paper so you can’t know if they would have voted to leave or not.
It is like Alex Salmond and David Cameron refusing to give the Scots the option of Devo -max on their referendunm paper,- which is what they really wanted in the first place.How do I know that?
I am a Scot, that is how!
Independence was Sturgeon and Salmond’s dream , not the Scots. There is a lot more common ground between the Independence voters and the remain voters than you realize but you can’t see the woods for the trees, because you put it all down to xenophobia and racism.
In reality it is about self-empowerment, and so too was France’s rejection of closer political union in their referendums.
If the EU is supported by the people to the extent you obviously believe why did the EU refuse to give all the affected nations an equal say in their own referendums?
Could it be that all they wanted was power over the people and not to serve them?
Devo-max is what the people want ,and Devolution within Europe should be your strategy, but what would I know, I am just an individual of no consequence - just like every other citizen of the UK, France,Germany, etc, just a common,insignificant voter.

p.s. I notice you have a like button but where is the dislike ?


This thread is proposing that for GE2017 we continue with our previous position on Remain; that position was arrived at by consensus of the group, and has not changed yet. There are a number of posts on our site that explain the reasoning, and that still stands. If the consensus changes, then we will change the official line. But that takes a number of voices, not just one, @Billie.

Nowhere in our background have we claimed that the EU is perfect, but we do believe that the future lies in working together internationally, and building more bridges, not pulling away. Have you considered submitting your United Europe or devolution ideas to the manifesto for policy discussion? Click “suggest a change” on and we can discuss it in the proper way.

@Billie I’ve messaged you privately about your tone, please take a look at that message. We do want input from all, but it needs to be respectful and constructive.


Sorry if I have offended anyone. that was not my intent.

I replied here because I still find the forum itself confusing to navigate.
I had thought, obviously incorrectly ,that the manifesto was agreed by a minority only as I have only seen one or two people discussing it.

Like I said, sorry.


No problem, just trying to keep things on track :slight_smile:

The manifesto is built by almost 50 people now, and is open for anyone to suggest changes to; we hope that gives a way for all voices to be heard and lets us arrive at consensus. I have just realised that we don’t have a simple “how it works” page for that process, so I’ll try to get one written for the site.