GE2107: Partly Political Broadcast


I enjoy listening to Partly Political Broadcast, a podcast by comedian Tiernan Douieb.

This morning Tiernan and I exchanged DMs to see if we could get @Floppy on the show (yes, I’m volunteering you for things :smile:) before the GE (late idea, I know). He’s going to let me know later today if he’s got space, and then set up a chat next week if so.

If not, we should try and get on the show anyway. He’s said he wouldn’t usually take political parties, but as we’re not all over the news he’s willing to talk to us :slight_smile:

Will keep you posted!


I think you mean “Partly”, not “Party”. But yes, I’ve listened a few times and enjoyed it. I had a brief tweet convo with Tiernan a couple of years ago on the same idea, but never made it stick. I’d love to though :slight_smile:


I’m doing great with mi speeling lately.


And here it is!

Listen to the whole thing obviously but I’m on from about 25m in :slight_smile:


Listened today - it was great, well done!