Gender diversity & issues

It’s International Women’s Day!

So let’s think about how we get better diversity of contributors, and better coverage of gender-related issues in the manifesto. We have some, but not enough. How do we fix that?

From my point of view the biggest discrepancies are best tackled at school level. By the time girls hit puberty they already have fixed ideas about boy subjects and girl subjects, and similarly for sports. That needs changes in curriculum, teaching styles and I’ve found single sex classes work well for core subjects in early high school years, and may even be useful at primary levels.

As for getting more women invoked in politics and in these discussions, then engaging with mums groups is a great way of getting people. Also throwing weight behind certain campaigns, eg no more page three, domestic violence support, fgm etc. would increase our visibility to women.


There are an increasing number of ‘women in tech’ and ‘girl geek’ advocacy and interest groups. Could we reach out to some of them, as I’m sure we’d be of interest in the sort of stuff we’re promoting.

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That seems like a good idea; we should look for speaking opportunities with groups like that, certainly. Or, you know, any group at all :slight_smile: