General Election Roundup


I think we should probably just do the GE review / lessons learnt on the we have been using (

So @Floppy @Lewis_Sturrock @philipjohn can you fill out this doodle poll to see when you’re available:

I think @KevinK is away?



Yes, I’m not available on the dates in the doodle. If I get a chance this week will put together a few notes though. K


Same here, I’m off on holiday tomorrow and will be back on the 1st. I can do most times after that though.


I’ve extended the poll by a week, so hopefully we can find a date!

We probably should have done this a couple of weeks ago - I don’t know about you guys but I have been engrossed in the car-crash politics going on!



I’d completely missed this, sorry. The Doodle refuses to update my availability too! But I’m free any night other than the 1st July after the ones I’ve already filled in.

However, it looks like even once @Floppy has done his we don’t have a date we’re all available :slight_smile:


Updated my availability, thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you both.

It seems that @Lewis_Sturrock is very busy, so we may have to do it without him.

@Lewis_Sturrock - maybe you can do a write up of your thoughts before our meeting?

It looks like the Friday 7th is a good day, and fits in with out traditional Friday evening - that ok with everyone?



If we can’t get @Lewis_Sturrock to the main retrospective, I’d like to catch up with him myself to examine how we bring in new candidates and how we can learn there. I’ll schedule that when I get back home.


I’ve updated my availability all, didn’t think to go to the next page! After tomorrow I’m pretty much a free man!


Looks like we’re all good for Friday evening. I’m having a few issues with getting my 4yo to go to bed at the moment, but hopefully it’ll be OK.

@philipjohn, you’re the only unknown on the doodle at the moment. Also, @kevink, you back yet?


Friday works for me!


Not back yet, no. At least another 10 days to go yet.


Ready and waiting at :slight_smile:


Rough agenda:

  1. External
  2. Campaign successes
  3. Feedback from voters
  4. What worked?
  5. What didn’t?
  6. Internal
  7. Team working & division of labour
  8. Candidate onboarding & support
  9. Fundraising

I’ll post notes back here when we’re done.


(more to come)


Campaign successes

Direct Facebook engagement was successful. In Lichfield elections, Phil did a post of his face and a link to the site, and boosted it in the area. Got comments, and there was good engagement in the responses. In Horsham, the town Facebook page hosted a Q&A thread at our prompting, which was really successful. We made sure to respond to everything quickly, and to post links to manifesto sections wherever possible.

Feedback from voters

People respect candidates that make an effort, whether online or through leaflets. Had emails from people thanking us for actually sending out leaflets “when nobody else had bothered”.

Lots of respect for the position on not having party whips etc, and for trying to properly represent people.

There is an appetite out there for new ways of doing things.

What worked?

Low-fi selfie video (as James did in Horsham) went across well. Was received as genuine. Natural approach works.

Leaflet grabbed attention quite well (better than last time) though some people said “this is still politics” of course.

What didn’t?

Getting people to come to meetings - go where they are, don’t get them to come to you.

Twitter ads are a waste of time. Facebook more effective for the right content. (@philipjohn to write up how he did Facebook content as a bit of a strategy guide).


Team working & division of labour

Candidate onboarding & support



Apologies for missing the meeting, I have been looking after my family all week as my wife is poorly and now the children are too!


Team working & division of labour

There was a lot that worked with this - a big improvement. We learned a lot about what roles there are and we should push to fill the volunteer positions that came out of that:

Candidate onboarding & support

I think @geeksareforlife did a great job of candidate support and we should definitely keep that role. We need to do more, I think, for onboarding so that candidates know better what to expect and the time commitment needed. James and I should revisit that Trello template and make sure it’s got everything on it.


I think we knew we were never going to raise loads but I do feel a bit disappointed by how well we did. Partly that’s because I wasn’t as good with promoting it, but @KevinK did a great job in trying to make up for that. I’m not sure what else we should have done, but this is definitely a big area for improvement.