Getting the message out there

This thread is to discuss different measures in getting our message heard and felt across a series of different areas, specifically media, social media, events, leafleting and regional party building. Any ideas comment bellow and make your thoughts known.

I think that initially, unless we have a specific electoral target (like we did last year), online is the main route, via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others(?)

I’d love to get regional groups going, but until we build some density through online reach, I can’t see in-person stuff working unless there is a specific theme or other event we can latch on to.

Leafleting is good, but unless there is a specific action (i.e. vote for me) for people to do, it’s unlikely to be worth the effort involved.

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Just my 2p of course, I have no idea what I’m talking about :wink:

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Are we on Instagram yet? I don’t mind setting that up if not.

Agreed that we should keep stuff specific for the moment. On leaflets specifically, that’s likely to generate a lot of “wastage” (sorry, marketing term) because we are likely to deliver leaflets to folks who are most definitely not going to be interested - that’s money down the drain. We can instead focus for now on much more targeted methods, such as online.

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I don’t have any instagram credentials, so I guess not. Probably because none of us use it in our normal lives. Yet.

I could help out with outreach a fair bit, I am an admin on a debating forum called British Politics the membership has over 23’000 members. You have to make a debating point or statement within the group otherwise your post may be subject to removal however if you create a debatable topic you can always link parts of the manifesto you’re referencing for debate with a website link as evidence of the policy.

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Hence the reason I’m here! :joy:

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Is this an invited thing, or would we just post something along with a debating point whenever we want? For instance, could I go now, post the “future of nations” post, and ask “are we heading for a future without nation states”?

You can post a link provided it has a debating point to the forum, however make sure it is relevant to the debating topic. I am on break from that group currently due to stress. haha

I would suggest reddit as a good place to get started; I have sent some administrative messages to get the subreddit /r/somethingnew freed up.

The reddit userbase contains a large portion of people who are sympathetic to this kind of idea. They engage well, too, and can be organised for political campaigns (it’s where Bernie took off).

In general, it’d be good to have a central resource of online content, which especially fits our branding, rather than leaflets out of election time.

Agree about reddit, certainly. Worth using it as an engagement and recruitment channel. I actually set one up ages ago, /r/havesomenew. I’d forgotten about it though, so we could try to use it more.