Green Party conference


2-4 September is the Green Party conference. As it’s local, is there any one we know who I could pop along and see to try and build relationships?


That’s a great idea. I don’t have any connections, but we could reach out to the high-tech wing of the party that might be looking at similar ideas to us. Someone in our networks will know who that might be…


Tweeted to find out who might be right:


Disclaimer: I have recently (officially) joined the Green Party to help out a friend of mine, David Malone, who is standing for Leader. I could help him without being a member, but some would probably find that objectionable. As the leadership results are being announced at the conference, and it is not that far from me, I will most likely be there, but if anyone else wants to come they’re more than welcome. I don’t know what the rules are on allowing people into the conference from outside the party though.


That’s great, we welcome multi-party membership here (not that we have our own membership yet). Any contacts you could use to see who we might be able to talk to about this stuff? I hear a lot of people interested in that sort of thing jumped into Momentum when that took off, but if there’s anyone left it would be good to find them.


I’ve been involved with the North West Green Party a little bit, and whilst there are some interesting people, none of them are the kind of tech-y folks that might be interested in helping to build Something New. But, as I say, I’ll hopefully be able to go to at least some of the Autumn Conference and will explore what is going on there.