Been following the work of Something New via twitter.

I’m a 40-something technical director at a small web design agency in Bath and finding with each year feeling more angry about the political status quo.

I have been mulling over the shape and form of a new political movement that would support my socialist/liberal tendencies.

Anyway, interested in the parties Manifesto and found a lot of things that I’ve been mulling over in my head.
Interested in hearing more about the party and potentially getting involved.




Hey Cole, good to see you again - I think we had some discussions in the runup to the 2015 election, on the old mailing list :slight_smile:

Anyway, we’re still here and still building, and all new thoughts and ideas are welcome! There’s also plenty to do, so if you want to get involved and help make things better, just pick something you’d enjoy and dive in :slight_smile:


Thanks Floppy

Been considering the possibility of getting involved in local politics.
Fortunate to live in Frome which has an entirely independent local town council but is a bit more traditional at Westminster level fluctuating between Tory and Lib Dem since the constituency was established in the 1980s.

Read your manifesto with interest - a lot I would support and agree with.
Plenty to mull on.

Only thing that causes me some concern (no offence intended here) is the name - which has a breath of fresh air but will it endure - and the branding/design of the website which does the job but I feel could offer so much more.

Anyway, hope to be more involved and look forward to reading and learning more about the party.




Agree on both your concerns; the name won’t last forever, but if we ever get to the point where it’s more of a liability than a “breath of fresh air”, we’ll be in a good place! For now, it seems to resonate with people quite well :slight_smile:

And secondly, branding/design definitely needs work. It’s developer-designed so far, with bootstrap and not a lot else. A couple of people have done some branding/design/UX thoughts, but we’ve never managed to get them involved enough to see them through to reality. We’d dearly love someone to take that on :slight_smile:


Although my primary background is development I have done web and UX design and at Mud we work closely with branding partners.
I had been thinking of starting up my own party/movement in Frome a few months ago and had already spoken to somebody about an identity and some brand guidelines so can discuss with them.

Let me digest the manifesto in a bit more depth.


PS is the manifesto available as a download at all?


Yep, there’s a free ebook download here:

Need to add a link to that…


Welcome (back) Cole. If you are interested in standing for local election, you’ll probably know that the Somerset County Council election is this May. Of the three Frome wards at county council level, one is Lib Dem, one is Conservative, and one is Independent (although the Conservative only narrowly won over a Lib Dem). Don’t know which one you live in, or, indeed if you live in Frome proper, but that’s an idea of the situation. But if you’re up for it, you can certainly give it a shot and see what happens.

Only if you’re really up for doing it though, because there’s a real time commitment to being county councillor - and obviously if you do stand, you want to do it properly, so there’s a time commitment in that regards as well. Check out our thread on elections this May if you want.


Great to have you Cole! Thanks for taking the time to come and introduce yourself :slight_smile:

There’s some fantastic UX research that we have yet to act on so if that’s something you’re interested in, I’d start there.