Hacking Something New's Finance Data

Hi all,

I mentioned in a previous thread I might have some time this week to play with the finance data in order to maybe hook people in a bit for donations. Good news is I have, and it’s going quite well.

The code is up at https://github.com/exmosis/something-new-spending if anyone wants to have a look. There are 2 files so far:

Would be interested in thoughts on where this could go next. At the moment it’s only showing 2015 as a demo, and as a complete year, but it’s straightforward to show other years. Is it useful? Interesting?

In theory it could also be easily adapted to other datasets as well, but would have to try it out to know for sure…

Hope it’s thought-provoking, anyway…


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Niiice, that’s really shiny :slight_smile:

Definitely a much more useful way of showing the data. Does the PHP code operate on the live data, so you wouldn’t need to maintain the JSON version separately?

Yep - it grabs the CSV when it runs, so should always be latest version so long as the format doesn’t change :wink: I’m pretty lazy and try to avoid having to run extra things if I can avoid it…