How about some AMAs?


I’m trying to see if I can get our town Facebook page to run an AMA for each of the candidates; might be worth considering in other places too? Where could we usefully do that, do you think?

We could also do hangouts on air or something, responding to questions live, but I think those will be hard to get people to come to unless we spend a significant lump on promotion. Better to hook onto existing communities.


@Lewis_Sturrock perhaps an AMA on or might be good?

We could perhaps do a joint one on, or if we really wanted to step into the firing line,

@philipjohn do you fancy messaging the mods to see if they’d be interested?


I’d be up for this, doesn’t reddit select AMA’s though? Or can anyone do them?


It’s the mods of the subreddit in question, so we’d need to message them to see if they were interested.


Local Facebook page sound interested. Yay!


Our Facebook Q&A is now happening at Yay!


Fantastic idea - kudos :slight_smile:

@Lewis_Sturrock Do you have any local FB pages that might do this?

I have no idea what I’m doing with Reddit. Somehow it completely passed me by…


I’m a fairly long-time user, so I’ll message some folks and see if anyone’s up for it.

EDIT: done it, I’ll see if anyone bites. Of course, we could just run a thread, but ideally it’s done in combination with the mods so people actually notice, otherwise it will probably disappear amongst the noise.


I’ve had a read through that facebook thread, awesome work @Floppy!


Good work, in regards to education, I’m right on the bleeding edge of what’s going on in the UK. Due to rurality we rely on connected technologies to get things done. I write materials and design/deliver courses.

I have had the luck to literally try Something New and start from scratch.

We also see the wide spread adoption of open source tools like moodle in institutions. Chrome books are a big thing hitting schools, works great, apart from using programs

Removing the paperwork side of things with good tools, transparancy and responsive questioning. Freeing up more time and better student awareness.

Exactly what the Party is doing really!


I hadn’t thought of that @Lewis_Sturrock - I’d love to see some of your ideas in the education section, it’s lacking in detail :slight_smile:


No response from reddit mods btw, so I don’t think that’ll fly, but I think the local Facebook approach is better anyway, more targeted.