Improvements to the manifesto editor


I’ve improved the manifesto editor quite a bit this evening. These are both aimed at improving usability and reuse of the app itself for other sites.

  1. it is now fully integrated into the votebot app, so that people will not be signing into two different apps with their github credentials, and it’s all on the right domain.
  2. It now has a sort-of-wysiwig markdown editor (SimpleMDE), and help alongside the edit box to help people format their submissions correctly. It has buttons for style, links, etc. It’s brilliant!
  3. The confirmation page now links you to the vote view or list of all proposals on the votebot itself.

As well as that, the votebot app itself has refined voting code that will enable more flexible reuse. All this also moves us in a direction to be able to do more things in future like:

  • Editing existing proposals in a nice interface
  • Potentially having a Something New branded editor if we wanted to separate

So, overall, nicer UX, better help, smoother signup. One small step, but a nice one.


Yaaayyyyyy! :smiley:


Another improvement: manifesto PRs now automatically get instructions posted in as a comment, so people other than us old hands know what to do! Yay!


We should now have emails being sent out when new proposals are created. I’m looking forward to the next one coming in so I can be sure it’s working. So, if you’ve got one your’re holding on to, go for it :slight_smile:


So, this wasn’t working at all for anyone other than me. However, I believe it’s now fixed, so please have a go :slight_smile:


Another upgrade - proposal pages now show comments, vote status in detail, and nice links through to view the detailed change, comment, and vote.

All feedback greatly appreciated. Hopefully this page is now actually useful.


Great job, looks far more accessible now. Not an issue, but spotted that some thumbs up render as images of thumbs up and some render as the code that you type in to render the thumbs up, eg here:


Nice spot. I’ll fix that tomorrow, and probably add highlighting for comments with notes, too.



Now it colours comments by the vote that’s inside them:


OMD it’s amazing. Great stuff :smiley:

I’m finding the message colouring a little inconsistent for some reason. This is a good example:

Only some of my comments are yellow, and one of the proposer’s comments is yellow too.


Also, rather than the link to the PR hidden away at the bottom, how about we put a big blue button that says “Vote now!” just above the Activity box on the right hand side?


Messages are now coloured by the vote that is in them, so your yellow ones contain “no” votes. What you’ve found in that one is an example where they are being counted inside quoted content, which is the issue in Needs fixing more urgently now though - it wasn’t really a problem before, but now it looks bad :slight_smile:

And as for the PR link, I’m partway through writing a custom comment-and-vote box for the bottom, so soon you won’t have to touch github at all. Tomorrow, maybe.


But, good idea, I’ll add a button to jump to the voting form from near the top, for those who don’t like to scroll :slight_smile:



See - my vote at the bottom was done with the votebot app, without touching github :slight_smile:


New button! It works and everything :smiley: