Improving the website front page

The website is always making incremental improvements, but it still needs to be a lot better. There are too many words on the front page, and no simple calls to action.

I figure there should be a single powerful tagline, and then obvious calls to the major actions. But, what is the major action? Every time I think about it, it’s different. Is it to join the discussions? Is it to edit the manifesto? Is it to make a donation? Join the mailing list?

We could do with modeling the user experience flow of the whole thing really. How do people want to engage?

I wish rbenv would stop being such a douche so I could actually play with the site :frowning:

I liked the old homepage :slightly_smiling: Do we have a backup of that anywhere? It could probably be shortened, and made prettier.

I do still have that text around, yes. I think it’s in google drive, do you have that folder?

Heh. I found a doc called “Website review” from January last year that’s very… “light”. I can’t find it, and I also realise now how much crap there is in my Drive… makes it hard to search for stuff :slight_smile:

I’ve got a whole load in drive. I’ll reshare the folder, so that we can put it all together in one place.

@EhmAyWithE I suspect you might have good thoughts on our front page UX, which would be most welcome :slight_smile:

Great to meet you this evening. Got a good buzz.

Most definitely have some ideas which I’ll try and pull together and share in the next couple of days.


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Same here! For others involved (@philipjohn @PaulJRobinson et al), I met @EhmAyWithE for a pint last night, and he’s keen to apply his UX and design skills to the cause. He’s basically going to have a think and work out what we should do first, and we’ll take it from there :slight_smile:

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