Independent Lichfield District


The politics in my local area is an absolute shit show at the moment. It’s full of nonsense party political fighting, intra-party backslapping, broken promises and secret meetings.

One thing that came up a lot in my recent election campaign was people decrying the situation, and it’s gotten worse since then. I talked a lot in my campaign about an alternative to the usual party politics, and I’m thinking about taking that further.

I’d like to try and “takeover” the local council with a grouping of SN/independent councillors at the 2019 local elections.

This is probably a crazy idea, though it has been done before - Epsom and Ewell has been independent controlled since 1937 and Independent Frome has held Frome Town Council since 2011. There are also 3 Scottish and 2 Welsh unitary authorities that are independently controlled (source: LGIU).

So I’ve started putting together a plan and I’d like your feedback! Be critical.

My main concern right now, is the independent vs SN bit. I don’t think it’s workable to say “let’s end party politics” and then be completely Something New, because we’re a party. So I’m thinking that we build a local manifesto that’s independent of SN and then folks can join the movement and choose whether or not they want to be an independent candidate or an SN candidate. Ballot papers would have “Independent Lichfield District/Something New” for the latter.

That said, I think calling it “Something New for Lichfield District” instead of “Independent Lichfield District” would also work quite well, but would definitely invite criticisms of “but you’re just another party so why should we trust you?” and the nuanced answer would not be an easy thing to get across.

Okay, bring your throughts.


Great idea, and I agree with the indepedent and SN approach. We can register a description that matches. Have a read of Flatpack Democracy (which is about what happened in Frome). I might also be able to swing an intro to Peter MacFadyen who was a big part of that too, for a chat maybe?

As an approach for taking our approach to local councils, I like this a lot.