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Hi, I’m Tony. Self employed father of two. I live in London. Great idea for a political party fellas. I’ll be watching and contributing when ever I get the chance.


I’m Paul, and I’m interested in democratic and constitutional reform as well as matters relating to employment rights, climate change and transportation.


Will, recent Chemistry graduate and postgraduate at Oxford. Hopefully moving to Exeter permanently. I had thought of setting up something similar myself, then found you. Very impressed so far.


Welcome @tonyleigh1983 and @wjfletcher91! Make yourselves at home, join in the conversations, and get involved however you fit best. Glad to have you here :slight_smile:


Welcome to the team!


Welcome to the team! :smiley:


Welcome to the team. :slight_smile:


Hi all, Graham from Brighton/Sussex here, also @6loss on Twitter. Been lurking in Slack for a while - remaining very interested in new forms of organising activity and new ways of doing (local?) politics. 2 kids and not much time - hence the lurking - but like to keep in the loop and help if/when I can.

Also intrigued to try out Discourse :slightly_smiling:


Welcome @scribe! Never twigged you were in the Brighton area; we’re not too far apart! Great to have you here :slight_smile:


Hi there…

Well there definitely seems to be a few issues as regards getting the message out about this new party as you’ll discover if you read on…

My name is Aaron and I’ve been an armchair politics junkie for too long.

Whats blown my mind is that after years of following politics online via a multitude of platforms, out of the blue tonight, I seem to have stumbled upon a group of people with a bunch of ideas, both on policy goals and on digital communication that seem right up my street - and the party leader lives 5 minutes drive from me!!

I’ve lived in Horsham in West Sussex for the past 9 years. I’m in my early 40s, married with a young son. By day I work in UX/UI design but more generally I’m a kinda digital creative multimedia designer type person.

Have only watched a couple of videos and read a little but I really like what I’ve seen so far and am totally intrigued to know more.



Hi Aaron! Great to have you here, and that’s definitely a good coincidence there. Getting the message out has always been the hardest thing, and even though you probably got one of my leaflets through your door last May, I’m not surprised we passed under the radar!

As you can probably tell, we are in desparate need of UI/UX/creative/design skills here. It’s an essential thing we need to get better at if we’re going to get the word out and convert more people to the cause. If you’re up for getting more involved, that would be amazing.

Whereabouts in town do you live, just out of interest? I’m on Greenfinch Way, in the Holbrook area. Happy to meet up for a beer or a coffee sometime if you want :slight_smile:



I’m up on Tower Hill, not far from the Boars Head. Used to live off Pondtail - my boy goes to Holbrook Primary.

Definitely up for a chat about the cause and the UX/UI issues - get the impression that the core of what you have created so far is really good though.

What kinda times/days are you free?


Nice :slightly_smiling:

Drop me an email at [email protected] and we’ll sort out a time to meet up. Looking forward to it!


Sorry, took a while to reply. I should just send letters :wink: yes, been mostly Brighton-based, but moved to Seaford last year along the coast and kind of “between politics” as a result. Interesting to see how city democracy differs to county democracy.


I thought I might drop myself into this thread - hi, my name’s Andrew, and I’m a teenager (shock, horror). I come from North Yorkshire, but since summer last year I live in eastern Cheshire, close to Stoke-on-Trent and relatively close to Manchester. I’ve been lending an occasional hand to Something New since late 2014, although I’ve probably been more inactive than active. I have no inherent value besides being an echo chamber, but I’m happy to help out and collaborate on anything that needs to be done.

You can find me on Twitter @thebigwilliams.


Hi I’m Oliver,

I’m hugely disenfranchised member of The Labour Party and am looking to get involved with a more community based political organisation. I’m a Politics graduate from the University of York and am mad for Philosophy, Psychotherapy, Sociology, Politics and Social Policy. I’d love to support this movement that you have here and after reading the details you have on the site think that I can both contribute and support the public discourse. I’d also like to help get this message wider, however we can. :slight_smile:

I’m 28 and not very tech-savvy (to be honest, I’ve been guided a bit by a friend just to reach this point!) but the opportunity here is phenomenal. I’m going to make a contribution to the Culture and Media Page first to see if I’m doing it right (I’m using that Hemmingway tool you suggest). Apologies in advance if I mess something up, I’m pretty sure that I’m the singularity! (stupid :blush:)


Welcome @OliverJackson1, great to have you on board! You should be able to edit the manifesto just by hitting the button in the corner of the page, and go from there. If you have any problems, just pop back here and start a new topic about it!

We’re not super-accessible to the less technical user at the moment, but all feedback is good, so if things break or make no sense, then please tell us and we’ll get fixing it.

Can I ask, what brought you do us? It’s always really useful to see where people came from, and how the message is getting out there.


Speedy reply!

I work with someone that recommended you as a interactive public forum. They use similar systems as you for the administration of a club they are apart of (HackSpace). They aren’t on here yet but hopefully I can get them on board, if I can work things out! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: