Introduce yourself!


Hi @SamC and @whiterose_lady, welcome to Something New! Happy to have you both on board! I agree with both of you on what you’ve said, and I’m glad those messages come across! Take a look around, and if you see something you want to get involved in, or something you think we need to do, just jump in. :slight_smile:


Hi, im Patrick. manufacturing admin for a prominent gluten free brand. I am also a Town Councillor.
I find the concept of this party quite intriguing, hence why i’m here.


Hi Patrick, welcome. Sorry it’s a bit quiet around here at the moment, I think we’re all still in shock!


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Hi newbie here :slight_smile:

I’m Toby presently I am NHS Governor and am also the Chair person for my local Tenants and Residents Association.
I have a sense of humour too and enjoy singing !


Welcome @Toby-vc, great to have you :slight_smile:


Welcome! Great to have you join us :slight_smile:


Thanks @Floppy & @philipjohn for the welcome !


Hi Guys,

I am John, based just outside Inverness.
I have been looking to get involved in politics for many years now, but have never found a party that I really relate too most of the manifesto and visions, but having spent many hours looking through your website and Manifesto I can relate to almost all policies.
I am happy to get involved were needed, and to stand in elections in the highlands when they come up.
Keep up the good work everything looks amasing.


Hi @Jhamilton, and welcome! Great to hear that we are offering something that appeals!

If you’re north of the river, you’ll be in @Lewis_Sturrock’s constituency. I was thinking you might be near each other, but my god that constituency is huge!! :slight_smile:


It sure is a huge constituency, I myself am south of the river and fall in the Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey constituency.


Hi, I am Bilie and I am an Artist with my own views on the " future " , particularly political.
I have posted regarding Gestalt Politics and it is clear I am going to need a little time to explain where I am coming from.
I applaud , for the most part , the aims of the party where they veer towards inclusion though I am not convinced the manifesto as it stands is yet capable of achieving that.

I have also been offline for a little due to family bereavement and so am not yet quite as focused as I would like to be so I would ask people to bear with me a little till I am back up to speed.


Hi, through the course of this general election I have decided to try and find a party that works for me.
I have been a Labour supporter and have also voted Lib Dem in the past.
I live in Bristol and I’m amazingly passionate about what we can do with politics and working for everyone.
I do a lot of charity work through sport, especially football. I’d love to be able to help spread your message through the South West.


Hi @JackCox, welcome to the party! I’m glad you like what we’re doing :slight_smile:

Have a look around and see what you think; this is the main place that most things happen at the moment. Once the general election is out of the way, we’ll start planning for the 2018 elections, only 11 months away! Not sure if there’s anything down your way yet, but hopefully there will be opportunities!

At the moment getting involved is sort of self-driven, so if you have an idea for something you could do to help, go for it! :slight_smile:

Strategy for next 12 months

Hi I’m Dan from Norfolk I really like what you are doing. I have always wanted to get involved in politics but have not really found the right party to do so. Really want to get involved!


Welcome @dan79! Sorry it’s been a bit quiet, everyone’s having a break after the election I think! What’s your background? Tell us a bit about you and we can find somewhere you can help out :slight_smile:


Im 37 from Norwich have 4 children work as an account manager in the energy sector I’m into everything to do with being fair and equal. I am very much on the same wavelength as Jeremy Corbyn but don’t think labour are. I really want to make a difference in society


Greetings everyone, I stumbled across this party by complete coincidence, i love the idea of a community driven party, It has been abandoned long ago.
I work in IT and networking, and i will be glad to help if needed in these fields.


Welcome @Itamar, it’s great to have you here :slight_smile:


Well I’m not normally a politico but mainly a spiritual kind of guy. But things dont get done just spiritually and sometimes only through politics can things change. And boy do things need to change.
I’m 40ish into surfing, skimboarding and an outdoorsy lifestyle. Hi