Introduce yourself!


And here I am!

I’ve been lurking for a while since I saw @Floppy at EMF - very happy to see you are going to be there again this year too.

I’d love to get involved however I can, but I am much more techy than politics :slight_smile:



Welcome out of lurk-mode @geeksareforlife :slight_smile:

We’ll be back at EMF this summer running a workshop, hopefully something really practical. There are a bunch of tech jobs that need doing, if you fancy it! Are you a coder? What languages?


I would describe myself as a willing amateur coder!

Mainly PHP, but I have also written Perl, C and Java. And of course front end stuff. I confess I have not even looked at your repos - point me at them and I’ll have a gander.


Where's the code?

All abilities welcome!

Our party repo is at

And we use Trello to organise tech-related tasks: (we’re in the process of opening this up)

Is there anything particular you think you might like to work on, or anything you consider yourself particularly strong on?


That is a difficult question!

I write ok code - it’s not cutting edge, but it doesn’t make professional programmers want to kill me, so I consider that a win

I seem to spend most of my life writing some form of middleware - be it converting data from one form to another, or making two systems talk to each other. My two current projects are a small bot that sits between Trello and slack and a fairly large management system for our hackspace.

I’m also pretty good at organising stuff - we set up and managed discourse for our hackspace, so I know this system pretty well for example. (although I didn’t notice at first that you don’t have email replies turned on :blush:)



Afternoon everyone, I’m Chris 35 from Yeovil in Somerset a happy dad of 4 and a extra care scheme manager for a housing authority, was looking at political parties in the Uk on the Wiccy and noticed you guys listed in the minor section and loved the name so wanted to learn more… Spent some time going over the site and forum and would love to get involved.


Hi Chris, and welcome! There are lots of ways you could get involved - there’s a few ideas here - but you’ll know what you’re good at :slight_smile:


Welcome @Plagueis :slight_smile:

As Phil says, there are ideas there, but at this stage we’re lacking a clear roadmap for people to get more deeply involved, so it’s not a straightforward “where do I go” question! So, what sort of thing would you like to do? :slight_smile:


Hi there! I’m Bailey and I’m really excited to see what you’ve been working on here. Discourse plus open source voting system on GitHub? Genius!

Why doesn’t everyone know about this? How do you plan to publicise it?


Hi @bailey! Welcome!

Ha not everyone knows about it because we have no plan to publicise it! If you have ideas we’d love to hear them :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone,

I am Paul, I live in Bury St Emdunds, I am really excited about finding you. Finally a party to believe in, adults talking and discussing with a healthy buzz. I love it. I have searched for a party like this for many years. I spend many hours reviewing pages, thinking and I am going to join in the most formal way. I am a little far away for the rest of the party but I think it can really grow here.


Hi Paul (@Pandy)! Welcome and thanks so much for joining in :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, we don’t really have a location as a party so we are based wherever our membership happens to be!

At the moment, you’ve basically joined - this discussion area is the soul of the party at the moment so just being here means we count you as a member. We don’t have a formal sign up as such, or ask you to pay a fee.


@philipjohn @bailey I’d say not that we have no plan to publicise, but just that we haven’t yet worked out how :slight_smile:

Welcome to @Pandy as well, nice to see someone from my neck of the woods (I grew up near Ipswich) :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Lewis. My main reason for joining is that I’m interested in electoral reform and more accountable governance.


Welcome @Lewis_Rees - you might like to explore the proposals in the manifesto around democratic reform and elections. It needs taking further as well, so if you have any ideas, add them in!


Hi everyone, I’m Lindsey. I’ve joined Something New because I’m fed up of traditional party politics. None of the main groups reflect all of my views and I find their adversarial nature draining. I work for the NHS as a commissioning manager so health is a very key topic for me.



I’m a Green Party member, trade union rep and all round left winger. I’ve adopted that position because I think it’s the most likely to bring about the best results for the most people and, especially, limit the extremely damaging impacts of climate change.

I’m interested in this group because I think the future of politics is evidence based and allows participation from the widest possible section of the population - to make policy decisions both accurately predictive of the likely outcome and works to help empower people to feel genuinely involved in and responsible for the decisions that affect their lives. This seems to be the only group in the country explicitly to have adopted that stance.

Glad to have found you! :grinning:


Hi @SamC and @whiterose_lady, welcome to Something New! Happy to have you both on board! I agree with both of you on what you’ve said, and I’m glad those messages come across! Take a look around, and if you see something you want to get involved in, or something you think we need to do, just jump in. :slight_smile:


Hi, im Patrick. manufacturing admin for a prominent gluten free brand. I am also a Town Councillor.
I find the concept of this party quite intriguing, hence why i’m here.


Hi Patrick, welcome. Sorry it’s a bit quiet around here at the moment, I think we’re all still in shock!