Is Discourse useful?


What do people think of Discourse? We’ve tried a mailing list, and Slack, and I think this perhaps gives us a public area that’s between the two in terms of usability and accessibility. Post your thoughts here!


Personally I think Discourse is an okay point of contact for those within the bubble but we’re not going to be convincing the average person to join.


The interface doesn’t bowl me over - I find it too cluttered and not as intuitive as it could be. Ease of use is probably important for pulling in and retaining new folks.

Getting notifications would ideally be the default too, but it looks like we need to go enable that somewhere…


I don’t like the emoji :frowning: < that’s a rubbish sad face!


Having tried email lists and slack so far, Discourse is providing by far the best interface for consistent and ongoing discussion, in my view. I’m quite liking it :slightly_smiling:

Notifications are entirely possible and enabled - I get an email for every single comment. It’s in your preferences I think, and it should be emailing updates from threads you’re involved in automatically. @philipjohn I’ll give you admin rights so you can explore.


You already have them, I forgot I did it already :wink:


There’s enough conversation here to make the place look active now (more active than other fora we’ve had). I would quite like to send an email out to our 200+ mailing list to let people know more widely. Any objections to doing that? @philipjohn?


Notifications sorted :slight_smile: Mailout sounds a great idea @Floppy


Done. But I guess you all know that. @philipjohn did you do notifications just for yourself, or were there some defaults you changed for others as well?


Just myself - I didn’t go into the admin area


I can see that it’s very feature-rich, and it’s great that it’s having impact and getting responses, but I agree that it isn’t a very simple/clear/friendly interface especially on mobile. I think it depends on the purpose you wish to use this for. As a place for officers/activists (i.e. the hardcore) then I’m sure this will be great. But I don’t see it as somewhere to draw in and broaden our voter/membership base.


Agreed - I see it as a place for coordination amongst the volunteers though rather than general supporters/voters, so that’s OK I think.