Jo Cox


Parties are pausing thier GE campaigning for an hour today in memory of Jo Cox:

There don’t seem to be any details of which hour though!

Maybe we should stop all of our social media posts today, and put something out in memory?

@Floppy @KevinK ?



Yes, good thinking. I’m in favour of just stopping for the whole day, tbh, but I’m easy. I think @KevinK has stuff scheduled in Buffer but there’s nothing else as far as I know.


Heh, just realised I could log in to Buffer myself!

There were two posts scheduled for today for FB, which I’ve shifted to tomorrow. Nothing else scheduled, and there have been no other posts today.

I’m going to do a tweet/FB post about us staying silent today, and point people towards Hope Not Hate.


I’ve retweeted that one, but won’t do anything campaigny. I quite agree. I will post Emily Warrilow’s talk from Notwestminster as well, in memory, though.