Junior Doctors Strike what is our official stance and why?

So, I was wondering whether or not we could formulate a post on the Junior Doctors Strike for the facebook page with our stance on it and why if no one is opposed?

Sounds good. NHS is in the manifesto here. My very general steer on our direction would be that we support the doctors in their industrial action. While a 7-day NHS is probably a good thing, that can’t be done just by stretching out the hours from the rest of the week, it needs further investment.

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Exactly also, we should touch on the fact that Jeremy Hunt has propose anyone working over 56hrs will have a pay dock. So maybe writing up our own solution here after the post may be a good idea? :slight_smile: I was thinking something like a 4 day working week and employment of more Doctors on a working rota? :slight_smile:

We have a perfect way to respond on this - our manifesto says “Politicians cannot be trusted with the NHS”.

I’d suggest our stance should be something like the following:

“Politicians cannot be trusted with the NHS.” That’s what our manifesto says, so we support Junior Doctors in their fight to stop unfair contracts being imposed on them by uninformed politicians.

Or something to that effect :slightly_smiling:

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A good proposal I like it! :slight_smile:

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What do you think of my proposal for the EU renegotiation post? :slight_smile:

This sort of statement is exactly the sort of thing that will travel well via images rather than text posts. Could anyone do the some simple design work for this stuff? We need a sort of toolbox to pull these things together.

Could be as simple as a creative commons image of some striking doctors, overlaid with the logo and “Politicians cannot be trusted with the NHS” overlaid.

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That would be good. :slight_smile:

I tried to rustle up some images before but it’s not my forte. Ideally, in time, we could have a volunteer or two that can do this sort of thing easily.


I have long been disappointed by my poor image hacking skills :frowning:

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