Let's kick things off again


Hello all.

I think we’ve all been super busy in the past few months and it’s no one’s fault that we haven’t got anywhere recently. Not only that, but the current political debates going on in both Britain and the US are awful, and they’re putting people off politics in droves. But, as we know all too well, this is a crucial time for Something New to be active. The same thing happened after the 2015 election when we all got a bit peeved off at the progressive forces having effectively lost.

Essentially, we need to try and work through whatever we’re thinking and whatever’s putting us off contributing to the party in order to try and formulate some ideas about Brexit and about Britain in 2016 that fit our image. Essentially, we should try to revive the party, get things kicking around, get a debate going, and become an active social media presence again.

If you want some thoughts about getting things going, let’s continue to address non-Brexit topics that we have already adopted well thought out policies on. Let’s talk about Brexit, about how we should Brexit, and about what we want from it. Let’s talk about issues like Syria, and let’s create a clear picture about Russia’s involvement and how to take steps to actually resolving, rather than sustaining, the migrant crisis. These are big topics but it only takes 30-60 minutes research to have a much clearer image about them before coming up with policy ideas.

Thoughts are more than welcome, @everyone.


I’ve been very quiet for a while, for various reasons. Hopefully I’ll be able to kick up my contribution again soon, and we can get things moving forward again. We’ve not yet hit the kind of momentum we need to make sure there’s always something happening, unfortunately. I agree that the current political climate, while incredibly depressing, just means we are needed more than ever.


Thanks for the nudge Andrew. Life has gotten in the way recently and you’re right that the political climate isn’t helping right now. We should pick things up again, and personally I’m hoping that in a few weeks I’ll able to"return".


I said this a month and a half ago, and I meant it, but I’m yet to act on it. The second half of this weekend I am in Oxford as I have been invited to an interview for History and Politics (woo me!). I mentioned my involvement with Something New in my personal statement, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring it up in the interview as well. So, regardless of how it goes, I owe it to


Don’t leave us hanging! Owe it to what? :slight_smile:

Good luck with the interview (though I guess it already happened). I’ve had lots of great feedback from people after the recent talks I’ve done, and yes, we definitely need to get things moving again. I’ve got some thoughts on strategy and identity that I’ll post separately, and we have to write something reacting to the bin fire that is 2016.

I’m doing a bunch of website improvements, and talks, just taking it as it comes really, without an overall plan, at the moment. We should start getting organised for May 2017 elections though if we want to stand anyone.


I must have been tired when I wrote that! I meant to say that the interview is the second half of this week, ie Wednesday to Friday. I don’t know what I was originally going to say - something along the lines of I owe it to the party to put a bit of work in after this malarkey is over.

2017 election is a good target. I am 5 days too young to be able to stand, unfortunately, otherwise I would. 2016’s been a miss, and it might be remiss of me to hope 2017 is better, but at least if we want it to be better, we can start doing our little bit to make it that way. As I say, I’ll get stuck in after I get back.