Let's make a video!


We could do with a short video to explain what we’re all about, and why it’s the future. Anyone interested in creating that, convene here and share ideas!

We’ll need a script, a voiceover, and then some animation or live action video to go with it. We’d want something optimistic, forward-looking, about how we can build a better future. The principles in “How we communicate” should be useful in setting the direction.

Ideally it would be 2 minutes or less, and suitable for both sharing on social media and embedding onto the homepage.

So, share concepts, script ideas, whatever you’ve got! Let’s make it happen!

To start us off, we’ve got a couple of old scripts from videos that were never made. They are public to view and comment on, but if you want to edit directly, you should be able to request edit access inside the doc.


I’d be happy to help out. I can do voice overs, if that is at all helpful.


My time as an online marketer taught me one very valuable thing: people love videos of people.

I’d suggest the video is someone talking to camera - just a head & shoulders, reading through the script. Perhaps the odd image or short video clip to accompany it.

That will grab people’s attention.


Really? I’d have thought talking heads were the least successful, but I bow to your greater wisdom. Surprising!


Reviving this idea because I’m in a habit of reviving old topics. I like the crowdfunding script a lot, it’s something we could implement for this time around. Not that we need another thing to do.


I would be happy to help


A video to promote the crowdfunder would be great. Do we have anyone active who could do the production? @pandy, what could you help with?


I am not great with video production, but I could help get some video or finding some people to help.


ATT: @Lewis_Sturrock @Floppy @KevinK @philipjohn

Let’s continue the discussion about the potential for a video/animation here…

I was thinking a short 20-30 sec animation explaining the party, and concept a bit more clearly would be good?


Yes, great idea! A video would be great for;

  • Crowd funding campaign
  • Pinned post on Twitter
  • Intro post on Facebook
  • Website homepage

I have a friend who is pretty good at video production (one example though not his best), although he’d need paying! Probably ~£150 for a 30-second video, depending on complexity.

Animation sounds like it would be easier to get done, if we know someone with good animation skills?


Of course, I say that before I saw @Lewis_Sturrock say it’s his speciality :wink:


Happy to do something, if u guys can get some key points and a target audience then i can put a rough thing for u to have a look at. Video woulb be free and cc0. If you lot could do a mood board or a sort of expectation of look then it’ll save back and forth. A first vid might be some slick motion graphics with a voice over, good presentation, pretty quick turnaround. Lyric video esque if ur looking to get something out quick without the logistics of filming all over the country.


This is awesome @Lewis_Sturrock, it sounds great. First video idea sounds perfect, too. I’ll get some thoughts collected.


I done a Trello card for this: https://trello.com/c/TuyjV2PH/54-let-s-make-a-video


I really half arsed this, i think its a bit creepy. Good starting point for some discussiom though?


That’s half arsed?? I am really looking forward to a full-arsed version mate, that’s an amazing start, so much better than anything I would have conceived.

As you say, a great starting point for discussion. I love the general concept, certainly. First thought, maybe “we all need each other” instead of “we all need someone”?


Great point, the wording was worked around some of the quirks in the speech synthesis sytem. I’ll try it out 2morrow. 100% cc0. Certain words or phrases come out garbled or robotic. If anyone has a suggestion for an ‘inspirational’ cc0 or donated song please point me towards it cos I’m not keen on the one used, harmonoc elements r ok but yeah. Might just score something. Edited in reaper, which, whilst not open source, is the lads from winamp. Who are ace, and put adobe to shame. They have a permanent evaluation system but i did get a liscence for i think $50? The thought of trying to load premiere on my laptop, just never gonna happen. Anyway, please crit and add suggestions. Collaboration is what we’re all about. I think what we’ve acheived as a small distributed group with a shared idea and some handy tools really shows the impact we can have!


I agree with @Floppy - I’d have needed about a year to do something similar :smiley:

Perhaps we could steal some of the wording from the leaflet we’ve been working on? And I’m sure we could convince @Floppy to speak them into a microphone - if not, I’m sure I could try (though I don’t have a good mic).


I do have access to a voice artist who is into the whole project, he’s just very cockney! I have accces to a vocal studio at work, but I agree, if floppy can do some lines, then perfect. Does he have a Mic though!


I have a podcast mic, though my voice is not the prettiest. However, @CharlieDelMonte, you might be able to help out here. I know you looked at a load of creative commons music for the podcast? And, you mentioned your better half might be able to do a voiceover for us, last time we talked about this about 2 years ago? Can you help with either of those?