Lichfield City Council - Stowe


It turns out that the councillor for my ward (Stowe) on Lichfield City Council (a Parish council but a sizeable one) has resigned.

I’m thinking about calling for a by-election and seeing if I can get a few friends to do so with me so I can stand.



I’m all for it. I’ve been bogged down with school work this last week, and I’m busy tomorrow, but I’ll have free time on Sunday to get back on to the 2017 election stuff. More than happy to do what I can to support you with this if you decide to go ahead with it. Money-wise, the Crowdfunder will be launched very soon (he says). I’ve just got a couple more things to work out on it.


Interesting. Most likely if there is an election, it won’t be until May anyway, they will probably do it at the same time as the other one. Often Parish councils operate on co-option rather than election (that’s how PPUK got their seat), but I guess a city council despite being technically the same level, will have elections. Like Godalming did.

Incidentally, there is a parish seat vacant here too…


Interesting, do you think they could do that? Our district and parish elections aren’t until 2020 otherwise. I’m going to try and find out if Labour are triggering a by-election.


Hm, if there isn’t an election anyway, then most likely they will open nominations, and if there is more than 1, then they will run an election. If there is only one (or zero) I think it just gets done with co-option. So, basically, if you want to, then just pop your name in during nominations, and the process will take its course.


This information makes me despise the idea of co-option.


Oh, co-option is total bullshit, but it’s how things work at the moment :slight_smile:


Just got confirmation from Labour that there will be a by-election for this seat on 4th May, so I shall pop my name down and we’ll benefit from whatever campaigning I do for the County Council election :slight_smile: