Lichfield (Stowe) February 2018


There’s a by-election in my ward following the resignation of a councillor, so I’m hoping to stand. There are two elections:

  • Lichfield City Council - Stowe ward
  • Lichfield District Council - Stowe ward

Timing is really tight - I need to get my nomination papers in by 4pm this Friday.

Noting it here in case people object to me standing :slight_smile:

@PaulJRobinson I will e-mail you anyway, but I will need to enlist your super quick help in sorting out the certificates of authorisation:

  • Section 2 on this form for the city council election
  • Section 2 on this form for the district council election

I will check in the morning if I need to have the certificate of authorisation with the rest of it. If so, we’ll probably need to get you to fill it in, scan it and e-mail it to me (if that’s acceptable, which I’ll also check).


Hi Phil. That’s great. I’ll get things into the post to you today


Thanks again for your help @PaulJRobinson! It’s all official now:


Well, it happened last week and I didn’t win (obvs because it was a shoe-in for the Tories as per usual) but got a decent result:


  • Lichfield City: 909 - 22.6%
  • Lichfield District: 1037 - 23.3%

Result (Lichfield City)

  • Liberal Democrat: 183 - 20.1%
  • Conservative: 387 - 42.6%
  • Labour: 278 - 30.6%
  • Something New: 58 - 6.4%

Result (Lichfield District)

  • Liberal Democrat: 217 - 20.9%
  • Conservative: 513 - 48.5%
  • Labour: 299 - 28.8%
  • Green Party: 56 - 5.4%
  • Something New: 59 - 5.7%

Not half bad.

For this campaign I produced a “postcard” flyer that I delivered to a bunch of homes:

I delivered these to as many homes as I could (which unfortunately, wasn’t all the homes in the ward) and received quite a few back - including some hand-delivered.

One very cold Sunday morning I also did a “coffee with a candidate” event where I sat myself at a local coffee kiosk for a couple of hours so that folks could come talk to me and ask questions. It started off with a live Facebook video:

This was pretty different to my last campaign where I pretty much only did online campaigning, including buying adverts on Facebook and Twitter. Those online ads cost more and I got a similar result (6.8%). It might be that leafleting and online campaigning are just as effective as each other.

What I couldn’t do this time is any canvassing (although I naturally spoke to a few people at the door) because there was nowhere near enough time. I’d like to try that only and see how it compares, but we’ll see if that’s feasible. If not, I’d like to combine similar leafleting (I have loads of postcards left that I can easily use again) with online ads and see what happens.

At the end of the campaign I also released an online tool where I added the responses on the physical cards and allowed folks to add their own as well as their votes. It’s fairly crude, but I’m interested in doing this kind of thing again.

That’s all I can remember right now. Ask if you have questions!


@philipjohn, well done, that’s brilliant.

I am only in Tamworth, I’m impressed with the postcards and if I stand I’d use them, think they could be really useful.

Will you be standing again in Lichfield in 2019?

I noticed they are doing a lot to encourage people to do so as a council.