Localization policy discussion

What is the stance of Something New on Localization? Do we have one? I must be missing something on the manifesto.

How do you mean localisation? As in pushing power out to local authorities, devolved regions, etc?

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As in more power locally to make democracy essentially more representative.

Do you have a localization policy? :slight_smile:

We do :slight_smile: http://openpolitics.org.uk/manifesto/democracy.html#devolution

Ah I must have missed it thank you. :slight_smile:

Wow, that localization policy actually sounds perfect to me! :slight_smile:

So what about policing and Health in localization or would these for the most part remain centralized bodies? :slight_smile:

Would some laws also be included in this regional based localization? For example local authority power over prohibition based laws like drug and alcohol law?

Probably depends on the specifics, but the Manifesto gives a general principle of decisions being at the most local possible.

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Well like I said I absolutely love it. :slight_smile:

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