Lochaber hustings


@lewis_sturrock I’ve added your hustings on Thursday to the website, at https://somethingnew.org.uk/events/2017/05/25/lochaber-hustings.html. @KevinK @philipjohn can you do a bit of promotion for it in the runup to Thursday? Apparently it’ll be on Youtube as well, which is ace :slight_smile:


Scheduled a few!

Looks like they’re live streaming it to, so I might try to watch!

@Lewis_Sturrock I saw the tweet about the Cromarty hustings on the 30th - are you making that too?


Ooh, another? I’ll get it added onto https://whocanivotefor.co.uk/elections/PH33%206EA/ and on the website.


OK, it’s up on both now. @KevinK @philipjohn are we scheduling some twitter/facebook promotion for all the hustings coming up? EDIT: I already asked that, ignore me, I’m an idiot


Just sent an email, It’s been moved to June 1st due to the attacks. So will beed to update the site



I’ve done a bunch of scheduling, and updated those for the new date :slight_smile:


It’s updated on the site, and I’ve updated the democracy club data too.