Making a FAQs page

I’m going to have a go at reworking the site content soon, I think, and I was wondering if adding a FAQs section might be a friendly way to explain what we’re all about. What questions should we answer? Add any you can think of here:

  • Are you left, right,or centre? (haha, trick question)
  • What are your most important policies?
  • Why didn’t you join another party; why make a new one?
  • If politics is broken, why make a party at all?
  • Aren’t small parties pointless?
  • Other parties make policy openly - how are you different?
  • Can’t someone come and take over your manifesto?

Oh, @cole007’s one, obviously:

  • Why are the party and the manifesto separate things?

Are you left, right,or centre?

Oh oh oh please add that, but just have it like this:

Are you left, right,or centre?


I like the approach, but can it be

Are you left, right,or centre?


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Fantastic. All behind this idea, especially @philipjohn’s suggestion. I’ll let you know if I have any bright ideas myself.

OK, I did it. See and send feedback or make PRs directly.

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