Making "Get Involved" easier

The “Get Involved” page on the website is still rather unfriendly. How about reducing it down?

First, if you’ve clicked “get involved” then you want something more than signing up for the mailing list, so presenting that front and centre might be the wrong thing. Maybe better to get people to come over to Discourse to take part.

The second thing is probably to move the volunteer ideas from trello onto the page itself, as an accordion of ideas with expandable descriptions.

That would mean the page becomes a “here’s where to join the conversation” and “here are some ideas of things to do”. Much simpler, and only one primary call to action (discourse).

I’m having a play around; this is what I’m working on at the moment:

I think more than anything we need a facebook page, not many people like leaving their social media bubbles for a foreign website they most likely have no idea how to navigate. Everyone knows how to use facebook and twitter.

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We do have a Facebook page, but it’s not got a lot of use. Main problem with that is that I’m a very rare Facebook user, so I don’t interact that way. We need to use it a lot more effectively though…

I was certainly going to have the first action on that page below discourse to be “like us on Facebook”. Maybe Facebook, Twitter, and Discourse should be three top-line actions (like on the current page, with the three boxes).

Something like this (obviously with the glitches fixed)

That sounds like a good idea, as much as it may be a pain it may be worth inviting people on our friends lists to like the page as I have just done, anyway like I said if we’re serious about growing we need to be a lot more active on the popular social media sites.

I’m doing a bit of work on the task list below at the moment, and adding “invite your friends to like our page” is a good one. I’ll add it in as a specific action.

Sounds good, if you’d like I could make a few posts ready and send it to the facebook group in private message pending approval from yourself ofc. :slight_smile:

Sounds great. Maybe start a new topic on here with some ideas of what we should be sharing and how often? @andrewdwilliams was looking at this stuff before, so coordinating with him would be a good next step.

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Okay thank you, if you setup the new topic section on here and tag the relevant people we can get the ball rolling for topics. I think we should have one policy a week regarding policy position at least and then our general overview of political events during that week from our stand points. :slight_smile:

OK, I’ve pushed up my changes to the get involved page. I think it works pretty nicely, and should be better at giving people places to start.

Would there be anything extra I could do to help? I would like to get more involved if possible. :slight_smile:

Hi all, have some time at the moment after an op, and browsing around. Looking at this page reminds me I’d like to set up a regular donation, but thought a few observations as I go through the process might be useful.

  1. The link “basic details of all income” under “Set up a regular donation” links to the Horsham income page, but would probably be better going to as an overview.

  2. One initial question is “how much is useful to donate monthly?” ie something like what the average monthly spend is, vs average monthly donations. Is there a shortfall? Is just a pound a month going to have any impact for you?

  3. The finance data is really good, but still fairly dry. I wonder if there’s some simple stuff we can do to present the data in a more engaging way, to really show people “how things work” - some simple data viz breakdowns, maybe. Potentially interested in helping on this if useful - certainly relates to #2 above.

Hope that’s helpful.


Good call on the first point - I’ve just updated the site to change that. (It might take a while to show, as I think there’s a thing that needs to run.)

What would you suggest on donations? We don’t need much really, and we’ve said before that we’d prefer campaign-specific donations IIRC. But if you have some interesting ideas about seeking regular donations, that’d be interesting.

With the finances, all of the data there is machine-readable, so it should be fairly easy (for someone who knows how) to produces auto-updating visuals to better represent that data. If we can get someone excited about that we’re winning :slight_smile:

In terms of donations, everything helps, so perhaps we should be clear about that. We currently only get a few pounds a month, but that covers server costs quite happily, for instance. Would it help to say something like “just £5 a month really helps” or something?

Nice idea on the finance visualisation stuff - it can certainly all be done, as @philipjohn says.

Thanks both. Obviously donations are subjective, depending on level of involvement and affordability. I tend to favour support somewhere in the range of a coffee or two, ie around £2-£5 as a sort of “recurring tip”. I quite like the way charities say “£5 a month will pay for a medical kit” or something - there could be something similar here, like “£1 a month covers the cost of a domain name” or “1000 flyers” maybe?

Got a few personal projects on the go at the moment, but interested in some casual data viz (bit of a busman’s holiday, but we don’t do enough of it at work, so good practice). Fingers crossed I can spend a few minutes just doing some rough sketches this week to just float some ideas…

It may be an idea to help people help out by putting a downloadable leaflet on the website or facebook page. That way “members” can garner support more and perhaps arrange local events when people are availible, we need to start some sort of outreach based system.

Nice idea; we have leaflets from the official election campaign, but nothing generic at the moment.

I will take a look at the website manifesto, and take the areas I think are for the most part unique to the party and create a document that we can discuss and and vote on which areas we’d like to see in an outreach document?

Sounds good - take a look at the campaign leaflets on the downloads page too, and the recent blog posts.

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