Manifesto as a book


Behold, the first printed copy of the OpenPolitics Manifesto!

I’ve managed to get it into an ebook form using Leanpub, and have taken the opportunity to print a copy, read through cover to cover and make lots of notes for improvements :slight_smile:

I’ve got a bit more metadata to set on the ebook itself, but then I’ll open it up for anyone to download for free. Feels more… real :slight_smile:


Awesome! This is a great!


Book version now published (with lots of errors, and improvements needed, but it’s a good start) at You can download PDF, kindle or epub versions, great for reading on the train :slight_smile:


Oh, and the code for the book is at, so if anyone fancies working on the book version I can give you access on there and on leanpub.


I really like this, I need to spend more time reading but I really like it so far :slight_smile: