Meetings to organise


So I’ve got a few meetings on my list to organise:

  1. Schedule a regular open party meeting. Probably biweekly?
  2. Schedule a GE2017 retrospective, see what we can learn
  3. Schedule a celebratory meetup somewhere to have a drink.

I’ll get to these, but my backlog is pretty hefty and I’m trying to catch up with contract work, so if anyone fancies picking one or more up and making them happen, please do :slight_smile:


Are you imagining:

  1. Online
  2. Online
  3. In person?

if so, where is your preference for (3)?



Yes to all 3. Where for 3 is one of the questions that need working out. :slight_smile:


And whether we take advantage of getting together physically to do an unconference as well, perhaps.


I am more than happy to take on (3) (and potential unconference :slight_smile:). 1 and 2 should be relatively easy, so if no one else has claimed them by Sunday I will set those up too!



Thanks, that’s really helpful - I’m still catching up with stuff but don’t want these to get pushed out until we forget :slight_smile:


So I’ve been doing some research on the options for online meetings and would appreciate some input, there are a few options!
This is what we used for meetings during the general election.

Pros: Easy to use, no sign up required by participants, relatively anon, can be re-used over and over
Cons: Maximum of 8 participants in free version, 12 in premium

I don’t think this needs an introduction!

Pros: up to 25 participants
Cons: everyone has to be signed up and invited to meeting (possibly recurring)

Google hangouts

Pros: Up to 25 participants, no sign up required (untested), can possibly be reused
Cons: untested!

I couldn’t find any free solution with a cap greater than 25, but then I expect that a VC would get very confusing with more than 25 anyway!

Does anyone have any strong feelings about any of these? I’m leaning towards hangouts, but I am fully in the google ecosystem already!



Have a look at Zoom too - we use this at work and I’m pretty sure you can do a fair bit for free.


Ah yes, I looked at Zoom. They do have a big cap - 100 participants, but they limit to 40 minutes, which I thought was probably too little?


Yeah, might be. We used that to force us to keep the meetings short.


Limited time sounds sensible. One other thought - we could use Hangouts On Air and publish meetings openly on YouTube. Just a thought :slight_smile:


I was looking for that - I knew it existed but couldn’t remember the name! It looks very doable, but I’d want to test it first :slight_smile:


Hey, had the exact same thought today :grinning: