I’ve avoided having a London meetup up until now because I hate that London is the centre of everything in the UK, but perhaps we should just do it anyway. If we did a monthly London meetup, would there be interest in setting one up elsewhere at the same time? Birmingham perhaps @philipjohn @andrewdwilliams?


Yes! Awesome!

I would definitely be up for doing a Birmingham one. I even have a venue in mind already.


…which I think we’d call “West Midlands” :slight_smile:


Well yes :slight_smile:


OK. I’ll check the status of the meetup group and report back. After I’ve seen Rogue One though - that’s tonight’s order of business :smiley:


@philipjohn you should be an admin on the meetup group so you can add a meetup up West Midlands way any time you like. I’m scheduling on in for London on the 16th, I think, just in a pub to start with.


Also I’ll send invitations to the meetup group to our mailing list.


Sorry I didn’t reply to this. I can probably make things in Birmingham, as long as I don’t have other things on. So I could certainly do something.


I can do Birmingham or London