Membership & Discourse Cancelation


After careful consideration !

How does one get their membership cancelled and details removed from Discourse ?


Are we losing you @Toby-vc? :worried:

It looks like there’s no way for you to delete your account, but we can do that for you. To do so, we’d need to delete all your posts too. Alternatively, we can “anonymise” your account. That will effectively remove your account, your name and avatar, but keep your posts to avoid the conversations looking a little strange - would you be okay with us doing that?

I can certainly cancel your membership for you as well and cancel any future payments.

I’m sorry that we haven’t been able to provide you with something you feel you can be a member of! If you’re open to sharing, I’d love to learn what led you to decide to cancel your membership with us. Any feedback you have about what we could have done better would be very much appreciated. Feel free to share here, or privately with me, @Floppy or any of the other party officers if you want to.


Hi @toby-vc (and thanks @philipjohn for responding before I managed to).

As Phil says we can anonymise your account on Discourse. I’ve added instructions for cancelling your membership to the FAQ on, but basically you can do it yourself by logging in to (you should have got a password link when you joined).

As Phil says, please let us know any feedback, we always want to learn what we can do better :slight_smile:


The honest truth is around Brexit and the EU!
My view is that ballot papers in the Brexit referendum should have a third option to vote on.

"Stay in the EU, but get things improved "

Alas that never happened!

As things stand with the EU at present I support Brexit where as the party doesn’t .


Fair enough - your preferred option is indeed what we would have preferred too. I think we’re taking the stance that it’s not too late to aim for that yet… it’s not over until it’s over :slight_smile:

We want to be a party that is tolerant of many voices and opinions, so please know that your voice will always be welcome here!


I would say that I would be sorry to see Toby-vc leave.
I am also in support of Brexit even more so than Toby-vc, as some are presently aware

I have likewise questioned whether this is the right place for me as I view some of the manifesto views as counter-productive to the professed aims of the party itself as I view them as based on individual self-interest.

The general change I want to see in Politics is where the Party puts collective need before minority want .
Toby-vc’s question on foxhunting is a case in point. It may not be officially a Tory Manifesto pledge but Theresa May has expressed support for it in the past. As either a policy or simply a minority viewpoint it is a " minority want ".
No-one needs fox-hunting.
People do need change

I believe it is the manifesto in it’s present form that may well complicate any substantial acceptance by the public of the need for change.
Supporting SomethingNew in principle is not the same as voting for a party that you as a voter can influence purposefully for the better without sacrificing some of your own convictions in the process.

At present I view the manifesto in it’s current form as a necessary evil in the sense that to be accepted both by the system and the electorate as a Party we need a manifesto and with elections just around the corner there needs to be a cut-off point where people say " we’ll go with this - for now ".

If the manifesto is subject to change at a later date and may be either added to or subtracted from even in regard to principles that the leaders of the party hold dear then I believe we have a foundation on which to build.
If that is the case I will do what I can to influence any changes in a constructive way .
I hope that Toby-vc will stay around a little longer for the same reasons.

Once the elections are out of the way , I believe we can look at these manifesto-issues more in-depth than time currently permits.