Membership: Soft Launch


I’m very excited to say that I’m the first official party member of Something New, having signed up with our new membership system at That link isn’t linked from the main site yet, so this is a soft launch, but it does work. Please give it a try, and become an official party member :slight_smile:

Once we’ve ironed out the teething problems, we can launch publicly :slight_smile:


Nice, is that using Stripe? I assume that the monthly option renews on the same date each month (so would be the 9th each month, for example)?



Yep, that’s right. I’m setting up gocardless as well for direct debit, but that takes a bit of time to verify so will become an option later on.


Note that menbership is free with an optional donation, so please even if you can’t set up a donation, test out the free option so I can make sure it works :slight_smile:


Yayyyy I’m a member now too!


Slight spelling issue in the one confirmation email:

We’ll charge your card ££5.00 automatically every 1; the next time will be on 09/06/17.


I’m guessing we don’t have much choice but it’d be nice to role the three confirmation emails into a single one :slight_smile:


Can people move between non-donor and donor easily?

Personally, I want to be a donor, but I want the payment to go out closer to the end of each month, but I also want to be a member now :slight_smile:


I’m going to tick the no fee box for the moment, since, you know, student and all. But good job getting it all set up!


@geeksareforlife I think only by cancelling one subscription and starting another, at the moment at least. I’ll talk to Zoho, see if there’s any way to change a subscription in-flight, as it were…


@philipjohn thanks for spotting those, I’ve fixed them (I think). We’ll see when the next one goes out.

As for the deluge of emails, yeah, it’s a bit much. I’ll take a look through and see if I can reduce it a bit - perhaps we don’t need to explicitly send the invoice now they can download them in the subscription portal.


OK, I think I removed the payment confirmation mail now.


May I say how impressed I am with zoho subscriptions form.

Also signed up as a member ticked no donation while I get my finances sorted out but I want to make a adhoc donations for time being


Thanks @Toby-vc; can you tell me which emails you received upon signup? I changed the settings, so verification of what I did would be helpful :slight_smile:

As for the adhoc donations, that’s a really good point - I still need to provide a route to allow people to do one-off or set up separate donations outside Zoho. Thanks!


I think I’m happy for this to go public now. I’ll start linking it into the website, and @philipjohn perhaps we can send our a mailing list announcement, along with a crowdpac link again? We can confirm the candidates too.


Yes, good idea! I’ll work something up today.


Any objections to me quietly slipping this out for a “public beta” before we do any big announcement, get a bit more testing?

I say quietly, I mean on Twitter.


No objections here! We could do a Facebook post too.


One other comment - if you’re signing up as £0, is there a reason to put card details? It might put some people off?


It’s because Zoho doesn’t have the ability remove it, annoyingly. I’m going to see what I can do, but it might involve creating our own custom signup pages. For now, I’ve added a text warning.