Full disclosure: I am a paying member of PPUK with no official position in the party, I haven’t paid membership for Something New, and it’s plainly obvious I don’t have a position in Something New

The way I view membership is that if I get something out of paying, I’ll pay after a while of figuring out how it’ll fit into what I buy and what I’m saving for (I’m talking about 2 - 4 weeks of just thinking about it before I actually look at how or what’s involved regarding the actual transaction), but I’ll never do so with passion, getting membership will never be a big event for me, and after I pay I feel like it’s a burden that I have to keep track of (re: renewal), if anything, it takes the fun out of politics for me.

If you need membership fees to fund the party, go ahead, but unless there’s something I really want to do, or something I really want to access, which is member exclusive, I won’t pay.

I see free membership as the way to go for every party, along with openly publishing your donation intake to the public, because it lets people access everything they could need in a party whilst allowing it to get funding from people who’d be enthusiastic about donating to the cause.

Note: Sorry if I shouldn’t have bumped the thread, afaik that’s not a rule but I’m new to this forum and Discourse as a service so I could be (and most likely am) wrong.


Bumping is fine, better to keep conversations together :slight_smile:

So membership will definitely be free - that’s axiomatic. But we will ask people for donations at the same time.

Do you think that you’d be more likely to set up a donation after being a free member for a little while? That’s useful, because it means we shouldn’t just wrap donations into the membership process, it should still be something we allow people to get to…


My situation isn’t exactly the norm, but if I had the money then maybe. If it got me a badge or had kickstarter-esque rewards then I’d be more likely to. I’d advise setting up merch and getting funding from that, or integrating it into donations as rewards, or both, everybody likes a branded mug.


I just wanted to revive this thread, after recent developments. What is our current stand on membership and how are we going to work this thinking forward?

Currently, I see it as this:

Membership: YES
Payment: Optional
Badges: Included?
Extra financial commitment: Optional
Mailing List: members added to
Special advantages: NO
Commitment: No
Options for additional responsibility: Yes! Join the conversation
Merch: Get a merch system running; so people can show support!

If this is the case, let’s get this up and running. Maybe make the donation part of the current page less demanding. And Include a ‘what does membership mean’ section (under FAQs).

I think it would be invaluable to get people ‘feeling’ like they are part of a movement. Let’s create Something New!!


Funny you resurrected this one! This was blocked on getting a bank account sorted for various arcane reasons, which yesterday I found out has FINALLY cleared. We should have it set up on Monday, and then I’ll work on getting proper membership up and running.

That list up there is about right, yes. We should definitely be launching this within the next couple of weeks.


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Catch 22 isn’t it ? People like to get what they can for free sure ! However I think if Membership is with a fee like £24 Annual Membership Fee ! which some may just pay in one go !
However I think if a monthly option of £2 per month is offered then even people who are in some financial hardship or on benefits would be able to do £2 monthly. This can give people a sense of ownership / partnership with the party !

What do you think ?

Card payments can be taken via Paypal , even continuous card payments can be taken !

When someone signs up as a Member then yes a Membership Number would need allocating to the person !

As Membership grows aside from data protection , it can be made clear prior to membership processing that when there members who live within the same regions for instance , they could could be facilitated together to support each other in how creative they wish to be in getting the party more promoted not just for campaigning for elections but to attract new members by word of mouth as and when , good chance to meet people and find out what issues are !