Merging Facebook pages


No rush, but we can fold election Facebook pages into the main one, if we want to. That lets us collect together the likes etc, and make sure we don’t lose touch with people while getting them all in one place. It’s up to you @Lewis_Sturrock if you want to do that with yours, but it probably makes sense now the election is done with. Or maybe we should make sure there isn’t going to be another one first? :slight_smile:


Facebook fail…


I had that problem with mine before - I think you need to rename the lichfield page so they’re identical, then request a merge. It’s stupid, but hey, it’s Facebook.


Wait so, what should I rename mine to in order to try and merge? I’ll ad you guys as admins


any chance you could message me your personal facebook url’s (or emails associated with account) as you both have incredibly common names which is making it a bit hard to find you! tried going into roles on the main page and I can see you but I can’t click on you!


Another facepalm…

It looks like you already manage a Page named Something New. Please choose a different name or go to your current Page.

@Lewis_Sturrock I’m at (deliberately difficult to find). Add me as an admin and I’ll try to contact FB and sort them both out at the same time :slight_smile:


God, I remember this being a pain in the arse last time. If only there were a discourse thread to look back on to see how I did it :slight_smile:


I managed to find a way to contact them about the Pages Manager App… It refused to submit because I hadn’t filled in a required field… that didn’t exist.

bangs head repeatedly on the desk


Today Facebook popped up a survey at me about whether Facebook cares about their users. Unfortunately there wasn’t a FUCK NO option.

Ad Manager is a royal pain in the bum as well.



Me, a thousand times.


When you get them, save them in the shared folder somewhere. I need to get the records under control…


Done! They’re in the relevant folders.