More attacks


We should suspend campaign again for today.

But, I think we should write something. This thread is a very good view on terrorism and how it tries to control democracy:

I can try to get something written this evening, but it’s my birthday and I’ve got a day of seeing family planned, so I’ll be offline. If anyone wants to start drafting something then go for it, otherwise I’ll try to write later on.


I’ve rescheduled everything that was in buffer to tomorrow, but whoever put them there (@philipjohn?) might want to check over the times as I’ve probably stuffed something up (my first time using it)


And I’ve done a single message on Twitter and Facebook.


Well done on reacting quickly to this James. It was, obviously, the right thing to do.

On a more upbeat note, happy birthday for yesterday! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Thursday for you and @Lewis_Sturrock. Might I add, James, that I only just watched this video and was very impressed. I liked the setting, the content, I just thought it was a very nifty thing to do.