More United


We should make sure we are part of this.


It doesn’t appear to be anything concrete yet, but something definitely to keep an eye on.


I’m going to an event on Monday evening about it at Newspeak House, so I’ll find out what potential there is then…


Website is up:

They will help crowdfund support for any candidate that supports their principles:

  • A fair, modern, efficient market based economy that closes the gap between rich and poor and supports strong public services
  • A modern democracy that empowers citizens, rather than politicians
  • A green economy that protects the environment and works to reverse climate change
  • An open and tolerant society where diversity is celebrated in all its forms
  • A United Kingdom that welcomes immigration, international co-operation and a close relationship with the EU

This is all good stuff, and we should talk to them about becoming officially aligned I think, and we would want to get them to help with any candidates we put up.

Party alliances for May

Sounds good! Looking forward to seeing what will come of this.


I doubt we will access any funding from them for a good while (they will want to focus on big-brand candidates in marginals they can win), but I think there will be value in a relationship and party alignment anyway.


I for one will not support More United.
I have already contacted and been contacted by them and am more than disappointed that they encourage membership before stating that their idea of Unity is mainly EU dominated.That may have changed but when I joined there was no initial mention of the EU, it was only indicative of a United Britain.
From the responses I received since then ,it is evident to me that It is not a democracy movement, it is exclusive and a one-trick pony.More United is concerned only with forcing G.B. back into the EU regardless of consequences or consensus.
More United was set up by and for pro-EU politicians, How can any democratic organisation have any specific agenda other than to serve the will of the people in all things, even where it is to their own disadvantage and challenges their own convictions?
Do you represent a true alternative to the current system of political duplicity or not?

You say they represent
" A modern democracy that empowers citizens and not politicians "

How can that be possible when they, like yourselves, question the legitimacy and outcome of a democratic referendum?
Giving the people another limited option is not empowering the people.The only way to empower the people is to stop patronising them and giving them limited voting rights that Political party’s then overrule by voting on the promised policies again in order again to get the result that they want and not the outcome the citizen’s expected.They represent the ultimate in Intellectual Narcissism *, the very antithesis of genuine Gestalt.
I feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall here.Democracy is not just a word that can be re-interpreted at will.
You are still sending out conflicting messages here. It’s one step forward, two steps backward all the way.

  • Bearing in mind that a true intellectual never claims to be one.