National Constitutional Convention


The UK has voted to leave the EU, and assuming we will leave the EU, should we start advocating the launch of the constitutional convention. I believe this may already be in the manifesto, but prioritising this could be a direction to head in.

Beyond the more obvious trade and economic impacts that Brexit will have/has had, there are also major constitutional implications. These are mostly related to how Scotland, and also Northern Ireland, voted to remain whereas England and Wales voted to leave. Should we take this opportunity to rethink our whole constitutional set-up, and if we do it quick enough and to a satisfactory level, this could prevent Scotland leaving.

Topics on the table should include home rule, English Parliament, electoral reform for House of Commons, abolition/reform of the House of Lords, and so on. What are peoples thoughts on this?


I’d love to have one. The manifesto detail is here: Currently how it’s created is not defined, other than a few options, though I’m certainly in favour of a citizens’ convention.

Are there any petitions in favour of a constitutional convention at the moment? If not should we start one as an awareness exercise?


I have only found 2 petitions the links are below and obviously we can get the flavour of the parliament’s response !