New Officers


Hi all,

We’re adding two new officers to Something New’s official registration:

  • @andrewdwilliams will become Deputy Nominating Officer
  • @sunnysangha will become an Officer, reflecting his leadership of the People Power Brum campaign.

If anyone else would like to become an officer at the same time, please speak up. @geeksareforlife @KevinK and @Lewis_Sturrock in particular, your work in the June election was great, so if you’d like to get more involved now we’re gearing up again for next year, please do!

We do need (ideally) a Treasurer, and I’d like to get Community and Media Manager roles in place as well. There are also generic officer roles, of course, without specific responsibilities.

Also, @PaulJRobinson & @philipjohn this is a good time to speak up if you would like to step down as officers. I hope not, but I’m giving you an out should you want one :slight_smile:



Sorry for the late reply - Christmas has fully taken over my life :slight_smile:

I will be more than happy to get involved again in the new year, looking forward to it!