"No Power Grab" Brexit campaign?


From a David Davis speech/statement on the Great Repeal Bill:

To overcome this, the great repeal bill will provide a power to correct the statute book where necessary to resolve the problems which will occur as a consequence of leaving the EU

Along the lines of the Save Parliament campaign @Floppy and I were involved in many years ago, we should perhaps try to spur a campaign aimed at making sure the Great Repeal Bill doesn’t give ministers too much power.

We could make it separate to SN but with the party as supporters, and try to get other parties (including the big ones) as well as individual elected representatives and members of the public, to become supporters. It’d scrutinise the legislation (we’ll need to rope in our legal friends) and help rally supporters to lobby MPs to ensure the bill doesn’t hand too much power to ministers and upholds parliamentary scrutiny.

What do you think? Can we do it?


Is it worth kicking SP back into life? We might be able to get some of the old band back together. And it had a great logo :smiley:


Bloody hell that website is still online… I don’t even.


I know! I was browsing around today… Amazing! :grin:


I posted something up on twitter and got a bit of traction with a few people, so I might try to give that site a bit of an update when (a) I get a few minutes and (b) I find where it’s hosted and © I find where the code is. Must be around somewhere, it’s online after all :smiley:


Boo: https://twitter.com/saveparliament is taken by a campaign about Holyrood architecture :slight_smile: