Nominations for People Power Brum


The People Power Brum campaign is moving along nicely and I’m working with our four candidates (so far) to get the forms filled in.

We obviously need all our forms to be signed by the nominating officer (in our case, @PaulJRobinson) to enable them to stand. This could be really tricky to arrange as the returning officer (we met recently) won’t accept e-mailed forms. It looks like it’s possible for me to sign these forms instead of Paul.

In the electoral commission guidance it says (my emphasis):

The certificate must be issued by the registered party’s Nominating Officer (or someone authorised to act on their behalf)

Having spoken to the Electoral Commission on the phone this morning they have said that this “authorisation” is entirely up to us to decide on. The returning officer won’t check it - they take the form at face value - so if we wanted to delegate the responsibility we just need a system to show that whoever fills in that part of the form is authorised to do so, in case anyone wants to check the validity of the nomination.

I’d like to propose therefore that Paul write a simple letter (on headed paper) authorising me to act on his behalf (in respect of the Birmingham City Council elections this May specifically) and send that physically to me and electronically to all the officers of Something New, and to the elections team at Birmingham.

I will be handing in nomination forms to the elections team and will take the physical copy with me each time.

@PaulJRobinson @Floppy @andrewdwilliams @sunnysangha As current officers, are you happy with this proposal? Do you have any questions/concerns/suggestions?


More than happy with that proposal. Unfortunately I’m currently in Mexico and won’t be able to action this until next Monday at the earliest, but will do so then.


Works for me as well!


Great, thanks! No worries on timing. The earliest I can physically deliver nomination forms is Tuesday 20th.

Enjoy Mexico!