Notwestminster 2017 - Huddersfield


We’ve had a workshop accepted for Notwestminster 2017, on 11th Feb in Huddersfield. Anyone free to come from up that way and help out / take part? Plan is to present the open manifesto, and then work on how we could run a practical “Local Democracy Design Experiment” with it.


Awesome! Already planning to attend so yep, I’ll be there :slight_smile:

How are you planning on getting there? I was thinking of driving from mine, which will be about 2 hours, and happy to put you up for the Friday night if that makes travelling easier.


That would be rather good; I think it’s a lot easier for me to get to you rather than get all the way to Huddersfield in one go. That and the train fare is enormous! Are you planning to go Friday as well, or just Saturday?


Sorry I thought I’d replied!

I have the kids until 5pm on the Friday so will only be able to make Saturday.


Here’s an idea; why don’t we do our first meetup round your way on the Friday night? Then I can be there too :slight_smile:


Winner! I’ll make sure there’s beer :slight_smile:

P.s. hope you don’t mind sleeping on a bunk bed!


I might actually be able to make this on the Saturday, as the train from Crewe to Huddersfield does not take that long and is not prohibitively expensive.


Looks like there might still be some tickets left - register now!


I’ve registered, so it looks like I’ll be there at 10am on the Saturday. I just need to sort out rail tickets. I’ll look out for you.

By the way, other good news - I just got an offer from Oxford for History and Politics, so that’s something quite interesting.


Oh brilliant, congratulations @andrewdwilliams!


Thank you! Unfortunately it means I’ve got some hard work ahead of me to get the grades, but hopefully it will pay off.


Yay, well done @andrewdwilliams :slight_smile:


I can’t make it :frowning:


@Floppy @philipjohn Are you still planning to do this the day after the West Midlands meet up? If so, I’ll book tickets now and see you there on the Saturday.


Yep, we’ll be there. I’d better be, I’m running a workshop :smiley:


I’ve finally got around to buying the tickets. I’ll see you there. Anything I ought to bring/think about/prep for?


No, should be fine. I’ll be prepping the workshop itself on the way up there. I guess think about any ideas on how we could apply this stuff locally better.