Party alliances for May


Who should we talk to about working together in May? I’ve got meetings to organise up with the Pirate Party and Transhumanist Party, off the back of Transpolitica last week. @keith-somethingnew are Rebooting Democracy going to stand this year? We should also get back in touch with the Whigs.

Unfortunately Populace disappeared into the ether. Who else should we talk to? There’s always less political activity around the local elections, so there won’t be so many as at the general…


Women’s Equality Party?


We should talk to Operation Black Vote (though not a party), too


Pretty sure Jessie (who stood for us in Tower Hamlets in 2015) is with them now, I’ll reach out to her and see what’s going on. I’ve emailed the main contact at OBV as well, see if I can find anyone to talk to.


OBV might be something we can use to encourage BME members/candidates. They have a news/blogs section so even something like a press release where we say we’re looking to recruit new BME members and candidates might work.


We should definitely get talking to More United. We may well be too small and insignificant for them but we should make sure they know what we’re up to. We might persuade them promote (at least in a small way) any crowdfunder we do.