People Power Brum


In May 2018 every single one of the 101 seats on Birmingham City Council are up for election. For a little while, we’ve been aware of, and spoken with, Sunny Sangha who has been keen to stand for election in Birmingham on a direct democracy platform. He has since created “People Power Brum” and gathered supporters for the lofty aspiration of repeating the success of Independents for Froome by taking control of BCC with an independent group.

We’re pleased that, after some discussion, Sunny is going to join the ranks of Something New, and that People Power Brum is going to be a campaign of our little party.

This is an incredibly exciting opportunity. The aim is certainly pie-in-the-sky but if nothing else we’ll make a big splash and we’ll have run an experiment in trying new ways of doing democracy. Hopefully, we’ll have picked up a bunch of new supporters too!

There’s lots to do! I’ve started a Trello board for organising, and we’re meeting physically every Monday. Come join us if you can!

Learning from our GE2017 experience, there’s a bunch of roles that need filling so if you’re willing and able please let me know!

  • Candidate co-ordinator
  • Volunteer co-ordinator
  • Designer
  • Social media manager
  • Press officer

Ideally volunteers should be in/around Birmingham, but remote working works too.

I’ll provide regular updates on what’s going on, or you can keep track of the Trello :slight_smile:


@philipjohn are you going to put some stuff out on social media about this? We can start by promoting the meetings, certainly, before anything else is in place.


Oh yes, good call. I’d put it on my personal Twitter and FB but not the SN ones. Will do now.


@Floppy I need to get the domain set up with some e-mail addresses (just forwarders). It looks like our SN ones work through Gandi but I logged in there and couldn’t figure out where any of that happens. Could you help me out please?

Also, did you have a chance to look at making @sunnysangha an officer yet? I’d like to make sure that’s at least in progress before we launch at the start of Jan.


Oh and, btw, I volunteered myself for candidate co-ordinator for the campaign as well as election agent for each of the candidates. I figured that made sense as the main SN person involved.


Sorry for the delay mate. Yes, email forwarding is done with Gandi, but it looks like I never invited you to the team. I’ve sent you an invite, and you should have access now.

@sunnysangha I’m setting you up a Something New email address now, and will then send you an officer invite via the electoral commission website. Fill in the details, and let me know it’s done so I can submit our change in registration.


I’m in! Thanks, I’ll get the rest sorted providing I can figure it out :slight_smile:


@sunnysangha Did you get the officer invite @Floppy mentioned above?


Just noting this is all sorted :slight_smile: