Pledge to stand up to racism and xenophobia


With the reports of open xenophobia and racism since the referendum I think we should start something for people to latch onto and mobilise around.

@Floppy I was thinking we could use your pledge tool.

We could then add suggestions of practical steps people could take. Some ideas;

  • A banner/overlay for social media profiles
  • A graphic to share on social media
  • Since our own petition (to be created) asking Parliament to affirm that immigrants are welcome in the UK
  • Write to your MP asking them to publicly condemn the xenophobic and racist attacks (and sign our petition?) - we should provide a template
  • Attend a pro-immigration/Europe rally (we need to find some/create one)

Suggestions welcome…


Yep, could well do. But (and shoot me down here) is that our core focus, or are we better off uniting behind (for instance) Hope Not Hate for that?


Even in my own echo chamber I’m not seeing that Hope Not Hate campaign, or anything similar, that gives people something they can do.

I am seeing folks making statements of helplessness and I’m thinking we can give then something.

Absolutely agree we shouldn’t be that thing ourselves, and Hope Not Hate is a good place to start pointing people to and hopefully there are others. I’m not sure signing up for an email list is enough. I want to give people something physical that they can do.

I’m imagining this as a one-off shareable to help folks use their anger/disappointment for good.

Selfishly if we get exposure at the same time, that’s no bad thing.


Definitely, and I’d agree that I’m not seeing any great things from HnH at the moment. Just wanted to raise as a challenge!

The pledge site is pretty easy to repurpose and set up for another thing, so it wouldn’t be hard to do.


Okay, cool. I’ll take a look at that. We ought to keep this light on effort as the impact will be limited.


Okay, I think the effort involved is too much at this stage to get the kind of impact that’d make it worthwhile. When we have a bit more of a supporter base it’d be nice to be able to spin up pledge drives quickly to do this kind of thing where we try and elicit a positive response to something negative.