Podcast: Open Revolution


Hi all,
I’m going to start the Open Revolution podcast again in the run up to #GE2017 (see here: https://soundcloud.com/openrevolution). Aiming for one episode per week, at least. Kicking-off sometime this weekend (29/04) and would like to get the party bigwigs on a Skype call (my ID: charliethornberry). Please let me know if there are specific topics you would like covered.


I’m currently in the middle of listening to all the previous episodes because I apparently never got round to it TWO years ago :slight_smile:


Oh, and I’m not a Skype user but happy to find another way to talk.


Thanks @CharlieDelMonte for kicking the podcast back into life :slight_smile:

I guess for “party bigwigs” (lol) the sensible place to start is with the official executive board, which is me, @philipjohn, @PaulJRobinson and @andrewdwilliams. I know Paul is currently snowed under with 12-hour work shifts and moving house, so I doubt we’ll be able to get him (though I’ll ask). @andrewdwilliams would you be up for it?

Would Saturday evening work for people?


Sat evening doesn’t work for me!
Sat morning
Monday day would work too.


We haven’t done this yet :slight_smile:

@CharlieDelMonte would you like to list a bunch of specific dates and times when you can be free and the rest of us can “sign up” to what we can make?


That’s a sensible idea. I reckon getting any significant number of us together is going to be a pain. We’ve got the committee meeting tonight at 8.30 if you want to join to talk about it @CharlieDelMonte? There are also a few upcoming events you might be interested in at https://somethingnew.org.uk/events.html


Apologies all for silence, but have been a bit pressed this last week.

I have good availability:
• All day Sunday 14th May
• Evening Monday 15th May
• Evening Tuesday 16th May
Thereafter travelling with work and then holiday.

I’m tentatively planning on attending the hustings 31st May if calendar permits.

My Skype ID is charliethornberry so feel free to connect with me and we can arrange a pod.


Okay, looks like we’re all too busy to even decide dates :slight_smile:

Perhaps let’s save this idea for another time…


Crap, I’m out of time. I’m off out for an important date night with my wife this evening, sorry @CharlieDelMonte. Enjoy your hols and let’s see if we can do something with the hustings :slight_smile: