Policy isn't integrating into the live manifesto


Your Travis something isn’t building the new policies. Check my proposals and you’ll see what I mean. Kinda urgent that this be fixed. I’ve submitted an issue on GitHub, messaged @Floppy and now I’m putting it here too so hopefully someone is gonna see it.


Just dealt with it (for now). The update process onto the website is unfortunately still manual, and I only tend to do it every few days. You’re quite right that it should be automatic though, so I’ll bump this up my priority list to fix.


Oh, okie doke. I was a little freaked out since everything else was automated so I presumed this bit was broken rather than manual. You might wanna make that explicit in the meantime so this (namely people finding out and being like “wtf is going on”) doesn’t happen again.


Also, imo, top priorities (unless there’s something I don’t know about or have forgotten, entirely possible) should be 1) Making everything automated, 2) Finishing the consensus democracy system, and 3) Adding the tags system instead of writing policy page by page. All of these are fundamental to how the manifesto system functions so I’d put them as top priority, however (and however much I detest unjustified hierarchy), you are the (hopefully) benevolent dictator here so prioritise what you like :smiley:


Haha, less benevolent dictator, more like only person coding the platform. That and there’s a bit of a spare-time balance between “what takes my interest” and “what’s important” :wink:

Having said that, I have just added abstentions as you mentioned the other day :slight_smile:

This is definitely something I should automate soon though, I’m totally unreliable as part of this process.