@philipjohn and I had a conversation over the weekend, I think, about how we select candidates for seats using primaries. He made some suggestions, which I hope he adds here.

I also spoke to Flora Page from UPP today (see other thread), who proposes a system whereby party members select candidates by taking part in a jury-style assessment panel, so it’s not a straight democratic vote. Panel would be selected through some sort of sortition method, either random or weighted to ensure it’s representative. That may be something for a larger scale and unworkable at our size, but I think it’s interesting.

We should write down our process in a separate guidance document in the party constitution repository, so it’s official.

So, any thoughts? What makes sense at a small scale but will also scale up for a while?


Yes, we did talk about this! After how many beers though…? :wink:

I think my idea was pretty simple - for a given election there would be a mechanism for any member to put themselves forward to stand. A set period of time before that election the membership would vote. If there’s only one proposed candidate it’ll be an approval vote (yes/no), otherwise a vote to choose the preferred candidate.

It’s by no means well thought out.


Oh I missed out the most fun bit of how I saw it working - we’d use the same system as the manifesto to propose and vote on candidates.

I.e., there’d be a list of candidates which starts out blank and proposing yourself as a candidate would be as simple as proposing an edit to that document.