Pushing the crowdfunder


We really need more on the crowdfunder - please please please everyone push it as much as you can. It feels terrible and like you’re boring everyone with it, but it’s the only way.

I also need to get a donation link back on the website, as we’re getting a decent amount of traffic at the moment. @KevinK, you were thinking of designing a replacement banner image for that purpose, do you think you can do that? Anyone else?


What about something like this? @Floppy @philipjohn


That’s certainly better than what’s there now :slight_smile:

Can you do a version with a transparent background (apart from the ballot box) so I can try it overlaid on some other images?



Thanks mate - I couldn’t get it to look quite right on the site, so for now I’ve just got a smaller text banner on there. Will keep fiddling though.


Sorry I’ve been so rubbish at doing social media things. I’ve just chucked a bunch into Buffer to push the Crowdpac.

Is there an end date on it? It’d be good to keep it going after the election so we can say “here’s what we spent” and keep asking for donations.


We haven’t been told about the end date. We’re going to need a big push to get past all the media at the mo. But we can do it :slight_smile:


If it doesn’t automatically close, we can do a big push when the results are out, too. Hopefully if we show some progress, we’ll be in a good position to ask again for support.


I should have done this before, but I’ll record a quick phone video tomorrow talking about why people should support us - then we can post that around, hopefully raise a bit more. @kevink if we want to put a video on there, what do we need, just a YouTube link or something?


Yes, I YouTube link was what they asked for at the beginning. So if we put a video together we can send over the link and James should be able to put it up there!


(As a footnote: I’m going abroad from 9th evening till the 17th, and won’t have laptop or much internet, so will not be able to do anything)