Questions of focus


I’m a bit concerned about where the focus actually is here,
I joined SomethingNew because I want to see - and hopefully, at some point, actively contribute - to the creation of a genuinely New Political System yet I see nothing of any concrete nature.
You are asking people to provide contributions to what commitments ?
I see a skeleton of a plan with no actual flesh, people of conflicting views on how to do and where to go to get it done.
A foundation needs to be built upon before people will commit to it.

A further issue that concerns me is as to how important individual views are in relation to the collective ?
I am a Brexit voter and believe in the creation of a new system of Gestalt Politics, and I want to be sure that I am not going to become a part of a group that is controlled by a select sub-group of indiviuals pursuing their own ideaological ambitions, such as, for example -EU-remainers, or even Brexiteers.
I am no longer young, and because of that, I recognise that an opportunity like this only comes along once in a lifetime.
We have an opportunity to change the world here, a fantastic opportunity, yet it comes accross as monday morning coffee-shop talk.

If you want any sort of commitment from me, I want to know that my voice will be heard , my views considered on their genuine merits and that the people who claim to want change actually want it for the benefit of the Nation, the future generations and the World as a whole.
Whatever SomethingNew is, it is not - of itself - Vox Populis, nor is Theresa May, Donald Trump, Farage , Xi or Putin.
As for the latter comment , I would make it clear I will not support any concept of Global Government .
The latter was as much a dream of Stalin and Hitler , as it is of Corporate America and the Tower of Bis.

Words are cheap!
Do you actually have any practical plans, any promotional strategy. any idea whatever of how to move things forward and keep the momentum going to the extent that when the next election comes around after this SomethingNew will itself be a voice not only being heard but actually being listened to by people other than yourselves?
I want to be part of a movement for change which does NOT claim to be the People’s Voice but becomes the People’s Ears and while being free to present induividual beliefs, etc, is nonetheless committed to serving as opposed to ruling the collective.
There, perhaps, is a slogan that is useful , providing it is genuinely pursued in the practical sense -
" Collective Need before Minority Want ! "


(@billie, I’ve moved this to a new thread to keep the original thread on topic regarding membership and how it would work)

You’re absolutely right - this is a skeleton of a plan, and a foundation to build on. Working out a viable long-term strategy is certainly something we need to do, but we’re not there yet. At the moment we’re probably still in the stage of working out what we need to know - reducing the unknown unknowns.

We do try to hear all voices, and to judge on genuine merit. We’re not just an echo-chamber of agreement, I don’t think - there are plenty of manifesto discussions that show that, over the 4 years it’s been building.

But, consensus is hard, and sometimes it’s not possible to satisfy everyone. It’s all part of the experiment :slight_smile:

Serving as opposed to ruling is definitely the plan though - I think we agree on creating a better system where people can be heard, rather than just told what to do.