Re-balancing tax-free allowance changes

At work we got our payslips today, and so we saw the benefit of the increase in the personal tax allowance to £11,000.

Someone beat me to making the point that the government were kind enough to give tax breaks to people like me that don’t really need it, while taking money from the very poor through benefits cuts.

It sparked an idea!

Let’s build a campaign/tool/pledge drive for those of us who disagree with the unequal tax policies of this government, and yet benefit from them.

Here’s the idea:

  • We build a calculator
  • You type in your gross salary
  • It calculates the likely amount that your tax bill has reduced by
  • You pledge to donate that and we give you suggestions of where

We could recommend people;

  • donate to Disability Rights UK
  • Trussell Trust
  • spend it on food your local food bank needs

We’d keep the calculator really simple - we wouldn’t bother taking personal circumstances (such as pensions, student loan etc) into account.

For example, this year I’m paying £141 less tax than I was last year, so I might:

  • donate £141 to the Trussell Trust
  • set up a regular donation of £11.75 per month to Disability Rights UK
  • buy an extra £11.75(-ish) of food once a month when I go shopping and give it to my local food bank

What do you think?

Like it - make it so!

Made a start: