Remain or Leave - Everyone is welcome


This is just a quick note to say that while the overall party position of Something New was to recommend Remain, individuals within the group did not all conform the same way, and we would never expect them to.

We welcome people from both sides of the referendum debate, and in fact from different sides of all debates. We must build bridges going forwards to heal the division the referendum has created, and unite behind things that we all know are wrong, such as the increase in racial hatred over the last week.

I believe that the way we collaborate here is uniquely suited to building those bridges, and that our future as a party depends on using openness and collaboration to help us understand each other.

If you voted Leave, please don’t to be put off by the overall party position (or my own personal one), as we need you more than ever to help bridge the divide, build better policy to solve the problems we all see in the world, and show that a better way is possible.

Let’s work together for a better future.


I agree. Our priority now should be to see how best to implement a better future post-Brexit, and how to mediate the worst effects that it will have. In a way, without the restrictiveness of the EU, we are freer to determine how to run the country for the best. It is our job to set out a progressive view of what that should be.


I almost voted to Leave but voted Remain last minute. Personally, I think the policy of the party should be to hold a referendum again once the country has become acclimatized to the realities of Brexit, so two years after Brexit?


i agree we should work together and move on, but I would make a point about the " increased racism ".
Is that really true, or is it that the media no longer consider it " old news "?

I voted Brexit partly because the problems of many ordinary working people have been increasingly ignored by all British Politicians for years, racism is only one of those problems.
It has likewise been claimed by some Police Forces that violent crime has fallen, when the reality may well be that less violent crime is being reported because there are so few Police willing or able to do anything.